Grand Rapids Town Hall on Energy Policy

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Join Michigan LCV and West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) for a Town Hall next Monday from 6:30 to 8 PM in Grand Rapids. Will you join us?

Michigan DNR Approves Graymont Land Transaction

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Yesterday, Michigan Department of Natural Resources Director Keith Creagh announced the agency's approval of the largest single public land deal in Michigan history.

The Candian mining company Graymont will purchase 1,806 acres of land, 7,026 acres of mineral rights and acquire an additional 830 acres of state-owned land through a land exchange in the Upper Peninsula.

The latest on Michigan's clean energy economy

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Hundreds of Michiganders have already written their legislators asking for an update to our state's clean, renewable energy goals.

Justice Davis on Michigan LCV's Green Gavels

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By Justice-Emeritus Alton Thomas Davis

In the lead up to any given election day, you hear a lot about the candidates: Republicans and Democrats, Mayors and City Council Members, Representatives and Senators, Governors and Presidents—it’s enough to make one’s head spin.

What do you love most about Michigan?

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8 reasons to get on board with Michigan LCV

If you’re on the fence about joining Michigan LCV, here are a few good reasons (eight of them, to be precise) why your investment matters right now:

We're going places: meet our new field organizers!

Did you see Caitlin's email this weekend? Our field team is growing, thanks to the strong support of our members! Read on:

Making Votes Count: The Challenge and Ultimate Thrill of Engaging the Electorate

Tags: canvassing, Election 2014, Gary Peters, GOTV

By Henry Griffin

The life of a Field Organizer can be challenging. It can be frustrating, even exasperating. At times it can seem thankless, underappreciated and downright futile.

SB 891: Turning back the clock for polluters

Tags: clean air, clean water, contamination, Michigan Legislature, SB 891, toxic chemicals

As part of this year’s Lame Duck action, the Michigan House passed a bill today that will weaken requirements for the clean-up of contaminated sites throughout Michigan.

Fracking in Michigan Conference

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The goal of the Fracking in Michigan Conference is to provide credible information to state and local officials, NGO's, and highly interested citizens about fracking and the growing oil and gas industry in Michigan

Week of Action: Michigan LCV Acts on Climate

Tags: clean air, clean energy, clean water, climate change, Great Lakes

This week Michigan LCV is teaming up with organizations from across the Midwest to amplify the need to act on climate change in a concerted week of action.

GR Forward: Upcoming Community Meetings

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The Grand River
The City of Grand Rapids is launching an exciting new long-term plan to restore the Grand River and breathe new life into downtown GR.

Do you accept the toxic status-quo?

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Flame retardants are in products that we use in our daily lives. There's a fair chance you are actually using one of those products right now. Alright, so what is it?

If you guessed a chair, you got it.

Potential Expansion of Saugatuck Dunes State Park?

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Our friends at the Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance are hosting a Town Hall meeting to share information on current efforts to expand Saugatuck Dunes State Park.

Local Control Over Oil, Gas, and Mining: Overview and Timeline

Tags: Chelsea, gravel mining, Natural resources, oil and gas, Scio Township, Shelby Township

After strong community opposition and organizing, West Bay Exploration announced last week that they have halted oil drilling in Scio Township.