Not So "Pure Michigan" (Video)

Pure Michigan ads boast of the beauty of Michigan’s lakes, streams and coastline, but in the wake of the West Michigan Oil Spill, Repower America shows a different take on “Pure Michigan."

The Pure Michigan ads feature video clips of pristine lake water, in stark contrast to the news clips of murky, oil-covered water gushing through lakes and streams in the aftermath of the Enbridge spill.

News reports warn people to stay away from the oil because related chemicals can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and even death: Not exactly the tourist attraction Pure Michigan ads describe.

While the oil flow has been contained, the EPA estimates that it will take months of clean up to get rid of the oil in vegetation. In the wake of the worst oil spill in Midwest history, Repower America encourages us to end our addiction to oil, an addiction that is destroying Michigan’s waters, vegetation and natural beauty.


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