Lindane Locks and Toxic Blocks

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Formaldehyde in our clothes? Cadmium in our kids’ jewelry? Flame retardants in our furniture? Our children are being exposed to toxic chemicals everywhere. Toys, garden hoses, car interiors – it seems like everything we use is threatening children’s environmental health.

Even doctors can be putting our children at risk of toxic chemical exposure!  Lindane, a pharmaceutical pesticide used sometimes to treat head lice and scabies, is a toxic chemical that can cause neurologic effects such as seizure, headache, and dizziness. It is banned in 52 countries and in California. It is no longer used in agriculture or in the military, but it can still be used on our children, even though many safer alternatives exist! Lindane has also made its way into our Great Lakes and fish.

Senate Bill 867, introduced by Senator Rick Jones in fall 2011, would allow that lindane only be used in Michigan as a last-ditch effort by physicians in their offices. This would mean less toxic exposure to our children, and less lindane in our Great Lakes. The bill is currently being reviewed by the Committee on Health Policy. Give your state senator a call or an email to ask them to support the bill!

But while this bill is waiting in the Senate, we can try to minimize the toxic chemicals our children are exposed to everyday.

Join the Michigan League of Conservation Voters and the Michigan Network for Children’s Environmental Health at a fun and educational event focused on how families can keep kids healthy from exposure to toxic chemicals found in many toys and children’s products.

What: Our Toxic Stuff Event

When: Sunday, June 3, 2012 2 - 3:30 pm

Where: Little Sprout Children’s Boutique

3009 Oakland Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49008

At the event we’ll learn what type of chemicals are in our everyday products, how they can affect our health, ways to reduce exposure, and how we can advocate for more protective policies. We’ll have a device that detects lead and other heavy metals in all sorts of household products, and you are encouraged to bring toys or products to test from your home.

RSVP to Annika Doner at:

or call Michigan LCV Education Fund at 734-222-9650