Lame Duck Edition of 2011-2012 Environmental Scorecard

Lame Duck 2011-2012 Scorecard

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters released its Michigan Environmental Scorecard for the 2011-2012 state legislative Lame Duck Session today. The scorecard offers a non-partisan window into the voting records of Michigan’s State Representatives and State Senators on conservation and environmental issues during the busy last few weeks of the legislative session.

Overall, the House had a slightly better average score of 56%, compared to 54% in the Senate. House Democrats collectively averaged 81%, while House Republicans averaged 39%. In the Senate, the Democratic caucus averaged 95%, while Republicans averaged 35%.

It is our mission to hold elected officials accountable for the decisions they make that affect Michigan’s environment. We are thrilled to provide this level of accountability for a period of the legislative session sometimes overlooked – especially considering the volume of legislation moved at the end of last year.

Michigan LCV’s Michigan Environmental Scorecard for the lame duck session scores ten votes from the lame duck session, nearly as many the entire 2011-2012 Michigan Environmental Scorecard released late in the Summer of 2012. Votes include legislation removing critical sand dune protections, the establishment of a regional transit authority in Southeast Michigan, and legislation that weakened clean up regulations for contaminated properties, among others.

As the new Legislature is sworn in today, we look forward to advocating for a greater appreciation of Michigan's lands, waters, air, and Great Lakes than we saw from the last Legislature. Overall, some gains were made, but much was lost; this Legislature can start fresh. The 2013-14 Scorecard starts now.