Governor Snyder's Report Propels Michigan Toward Stronger Renewable Energy Standard

Governor Snyder’s report on renewable energy sets Michigan on the right track toward a clean energy economy. The report, which was released today, affirms that Michigan is well-positioned to strengthen its renewable energy standard to 30% or more by 2035. Nearly 30 other states have stronger renewable energy and energy efficiency standards than Michigan, and Governor Snyder’s report is another indicator that we must move now to catch up.

Renewable energy is now significantly cheaper than other energy sources like coal and natural gas, and the costs continue to decrease. We must invest more in clean energy and set stronger standards for use to keeping Michigan competitive with other states. Now is the time to put our manufacturing base and ingenuity to work, and power up our state with Michigan-made renewables.

Currently, Michigan imports coal from other states to provide more than half of the electricity used statewide. That costs our state $1.2 billion a year, and the jobs that money creates. Those costs should be offset by investments in Michigan businesses that are building the necessary infrastructure for powerful wind, solar and hydroelectric energy operations.

We appreciate Governor Snyder taking into account input from citizens throughout the state who care about making our communities healthier. More clean energy means reduced rates of illnesses and savings on medical bills for Michiganders.