Press Releases

10/21/2014: Conservation Voters of Michigan PAC Launches Statewide Field Program to Elect Gary Peters and Mark Schauer 

RGA Attack Ad Spews Big Polluter Lies

10/14/2014: Pat Somerville Named to LCV’s “Dirty Dozen in the States”

10/7/2014: Michigan LCV Announces Endorsements for Candidates in State Legislative Races 

10/2/2014: In Detroit, Michigan's Conservation Champions Honored for Outstanding Contributions to Protecting the Great Lakes State

9/12/2014: Michigan LCV Members Score Win for Hartwick Pines State Park

 Michigan LCV Announces Honorees for Second Annual Innovation in Conservation Awards Dinner

Michigan LCV Endorses Mark Schauer for Governor 

8/12/2014: Michigan LCV Annouces Charlotte Jameson as Policy Manager

8/8/2014: Conservation Candidates Take Home Critical Wins, Defeat Koch Brothers in Key Primary Races

7/31/2014: Environmental Groups Press State to Protect Michigan's Clean Water, Public Health from Fracking

7/29/2014: Michigan LCV Releases New Polling Numbers, Robust Radio Ad Buy in Northern Michigan Republican Primary Races

7/18/2014: Poll Shows Schmidt Poised to Take the Lead from MacMaster in Primary Race for the 37th Senate Seat 

7/11/2014: Michigan LCV Endorses Bipartisan Group of Conservation Candidates in State Legislative Primaries

7/9/2014: Michigan LCV Releases 2013 - 2014 Michigan Environmental Scorecard, State Legislature Earns Grade of Incomplete

7/3/2014: Local Control Loses Out as Michigan DEQ Approves Permit for an Oil Well in Scio Township

6/13/2014: Scio Township Citizens Mark Their Territory to Stop Oil Drilling, Michigan LCV Delivers the Message

6/12/2014: Michigan House of Representatives Passes Energy Efficiency Bill, Signals Real Progress on a Great Michigan Priority

6/4/2014 House Energy and Technology Committee Votes to Make Energy Efficiency More Accessible and Affordable

6/2/2014 Proposed EPA Carbon Rules Would Accelerate Transition from Coal to Clean Energy, Michigan LCV Plans Robust Field Effort in Support

5/29/2014 Report Demonstrates Importance of Water to Michigan's Economy, Serves as Call to Action

4/14/2014 Michigan LCV Taps Erica Bloom as Policy Manager

4/1/2014 Michigan LCV Calls the DEQ's Approval of Paved Road Through Critical Sand Dunes Inexcusable, Gives Snyder Red Mark on How Green is Your Governor?

3/6/2014 Conservation groups call for vigorous prosecution in collusion case that could have cost Michigan $200 million

2/25/2014 Michigan LCV Launches Bill Tracker, Adds Tool to Accountability Suite

2/24/2014 Michigan LCV Thanks Congressman Dingell for Service and Legacy as Champion of Conservation

Michigan Public Service Commission Report Confirms that Renewable Energy Standard Cuts Costs, Sparks Investment 

Michigan LCV Announces Delegation Scores from National LCV's 2013 National Environmental Scorecard 

2/7/2014 Farm Bill Connects Conservation to Crop Production, Invests in Clean Energy and Local Food Economies

2/5/2014 Governor Snyder's Budget Recommendation Cues Up Critical Investments in Natural Resources

Michigan LCV Calls on Michigan to Heed President Obama's Calls to Action on Energy, Climate Change 

1/16/2014 Michigan LCV on Governor Snyder's State of the State Address

Michigan DEQ to Permit Development on Critical Dune Land


12/19/2013 Gov. Snyder's Energy Plan Names Cost Savings, Environmental Impacts as Top Priorities

12/12/2013 Michigan DNR Prohibits Drilling, Protects Au Sable River's Holy Waters

11/19/2013 Michigan LCV Announces Staff Transition

11/12/2013 Business Leaders Show Legislators That Energy Efficiency Programs are Common Ground

Renewable Energy Report Should Spark Legislative Action

10/29/2013 Michigan Coalition Puts Toxic Chemical Reform Top on Congress's To Do List

10/24/2013 Innovation in Conservation Debuts in Detroit Tonight

10/23/2013 Energy Efficiency Report Confirms Michigan Is Ready For Stronger Energy Standards

Clear Fixes To Make Fracking Safer Warrant Action

Comments on Graham Institute's Technical Reports on Hydraulic Fracking in Michigan

Governor Snyder's Report Propels Michigan Toward Stronger Renewable Energy Standard 

Governor Snyder Gives Green Light To Streamlined Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Investments in Natural Resources

Fracking Report Is Call To Action To Protect Michigan's Clean Water

Michigan LCV Debuts "Innovation in Conservation" Awards Dinner

7/25/2013 Obama Administration Makes Asian Carp A Priority 

Michigan Senate Approves More Funding For Conservation Officers

Wetlands Overhaul Is Step Backward For Clean Water

Michigan House Votes To Close Loopholes in Water Withdrawal Dispute Process 

Michigan LCV Applauds Senate For Moving State Budget Forward

Michigan LCV Commends Budget Decisions That Prioritize Natural Resources

Committee Votes To Clean Up Agricultural Water Use Disputes

Wetlands Overhaul Rushed Through Senate

Michigan Wetlands Overhaul Moves to Senate Floor, Michigan LCV Says Bill Comes Up Short 

5/10/13 EPA Names Grand River An Urban Waters Restoration Site

4/22/13 Attorney General Bill Schuette Stands Up For Michigan's Natural Resources

3/21/13 MLCV Applauds Approval of Emergency Dredging Plan

3/19/13 Deep Budget Cuts Leave Great Lakes Dry

3/14/13 Michigan's Natural Resources Trust Fund Under Attack

3/5/13 Senate Vote Guts the Endangered Species Act

2/20/13 Michigan LCV Announces Delegation Scores from LCV's 2012 National Environmental Scorecard

1/18/13 Michigan LCV Releases Gubernatorial Midterm Report Card

1/9/13 Michigan LCV Releases Scorecard for Lame Duck Session


7/12/12 Michigan Environmental Scorecard Released, Providing a Non-partisan Look at Disappointing 2011-12 Legislature


9/28/11 Congressman Walberg Supports Gutting the Clean Air Act

9/28/11 Congressman Amash Supports Gutting the Clean Air Act

9/28/11 Congressman Benishek Supports Gutting the Clean Air Act

8/25/11 Benishek Says Oil Companies 'Pay Their Fair Share.' Unfortunately, His Anti-Environmental Voting Record Says the Same

8/24/11 Walberg, By the Numbers, One of the Worst Representatives in the Most Anti-Environmental U.S. House in History

4/7/11 Chairman Upton’s Bill to Block EPA from Protecting the Health of Michigan Families Passes the House

3/17/11 Michigan Environmental Community Releases Top Priorities through Publication and New Website

2/28/2011 Michigan LCV and National LCV Launch Radio Ad Against Representatives Upton and Walberg

2/17/2011 Michigan LCV Announces Michigan Delegation Scores from LCV’s 2010 National Environmental Scorecard

1/13/2011 Coal-burning plants: Bad business for Michigan; Democrats’ job-killer policy would hurt Michigan’s business climate, require electricity rate hikes

1/6/2011 Michigan LCV launches new accountability tool to provide a one-glance reference for voters on Snyder’s environmental record


5/5/10 New Target in the Michigan LCV online accountability and in-district program: State Representative Martin Griffin (HD-64) in Jackson

4/13/10 Next Targets Announced in Michigan LCV's Accountability Program

3/18/10 Second Target Announced in Michigan LCV’s Accountability Program

3/8/10 Michigan LCV Launches New Online Accountability & In-District Program

2/24/10 Legislators Applauded for Strengthening Clean Energy Standards, Fighting for Jobs


9/1/09 Local Clean Energy Advocates Gather at Town Hall to Discuss America’s Clean Energy Future

8/13/09 Giant Rubber Ducky Visits Traverse City to Support the Passage of the Safe Children’s Products Act

8/5/09 Activists Cheer as Biden Announces Clean Energy Investments in Detroit

7/20/09 Giant Rubber Ducky Visits Bronson Park to Support the Passage of the Safe Children’s Products Act

7/14/09 President Obama Visits Michigan to Talk About America’s Energy Future

6/24/09 League of Conservation Voters Puts the Pressure on Energy Vote

5/13/09 Representatives Abandon Campaign Promises

4/29/09 Global Warming Deniers Spreading Lies in Michigan