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If you’re ready to get involved with an issue you care about, the Michigan League of Conservation Voters can help. Often something as simple as a phone call or an e-mail can make a huge difference. 

Current Action Alerts:

Don't let the lights go out on Michigan's renewable energy

Believe it or not, plans to eliminate our renewable energy standards and phase out our energy efficiency programs are gaining traction.

Without a critical mass of Michigan LCV members signed on in support of truly clean, renewable energy and more of it in Michigan, those bad plans could become state law.

Let's set the story straight --- that Michiganders want to see a plan to power our homes and businesses that invests in clean, affordable and reliable energy sources. Because we care about reducing pollution in the Great Lakes, in the air we breathe and because we believe in the continued success of our clean energy economy.

Will you add your name in support of clean energy today? >>



In a historic move, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized the Clean Power Plan — setting the first-ever limits on carbon pollution. The Clean Power Plan will better protect our clean air and water, and it's our best shot at tackling climate change. But, it will be up to each state to determine how to achieve it. Governor Snyder's leadership will be critical to ensuring Michigan moves toward a cleaner future.

After more than 1,200 Michigan LCV members spoke out, Governor Snyder announced in early September that Michigan will embrace the Clean Power Plan!

Will you join us in thanking Governor Snyder for supporting clean air and clean water by enacting the Clean Power Plan here in Michigan? >>



Take Action for the Great Lakes

New report released by the Snyder Administration lays out 30-year vision for how to improve protections for the Great Lakes and Michigan's clean water. The Governor will be hearing from business interests and stakeholders over the rest of this summer, but the person he needs to hear from most is you!

Tell Governor Snyder to continue prioritizing protections for our Great Lakes >>


Sign the Petition: Call on US Rep. Upton to Lead on Protecting Americans from Untested, Toxic Chemicals

Despite growing concerns about toxic impacts on people and natural systems, our nation's current chemical safety policies have allowed tens of thousands of untested chemicals to make their way into everything from canned goods to couch cushions to linoleum. From there they find their way into our bodies as well as our air and water.

Fortunately, one of Michigan's US Representatives is taking the lead on reforming these broken policies. US Rep. Upton (St. Joseph) has laid out a plan that shows promise, but it still needs a few crucial changes to fully protect Michiganders and our Great Lakes.

Urge Rep. Upton to create strong chemical policy reform that truly ensures safer chemicals >>


Say NO to a Plan to Exempt Michigan Pipelines from Public Scrutiny 

That means that you and your neighbors won't have access to safety records, data on pipeline corrosion and leaks, condition of wells, and rate and outcome of inspections.

Will you join us in speaking out against this blatant attack on your right to know what is happening in your own backyard?

Contact your State Representative and urge him or her to oppose this bill >>


Stop a Plan to Slam the Brakes on Renewable Energy

The House Energy Policy Committee is set to discuss a bill that would slam the brakes on our renewable energy standards. It would:

  1. Promote burning tires and hazardous waste and call it renewable energy
  2. Cap potential for creating more renewable energy in Michigan
  3. Eliminate Michigan’s highly successful energy efficiency programs
  4. Slam the brakes on truly clean, renewable energy in Michigan

Tell the House Energy Committee that burning hazardous waste is neither clean nor renewable, and it is definitely the wrong direction for Michigan >>


Energy Efficiency is Good Business for Michigan

The House Energy Committee just took up a bill to eliminate Michigan’s successful energy efficiency program.

Energy efficiency is all about eliminating wasted energy that you otherwise pay for on your electric bills.

Energy we don't use in the first place is the cheapest, cleanest form of energy we can use. Add your name to help stop a plan that would eliminate these hugely successful programs >>

Tackle Toxic Waste: Pure Michigan is more than an advertising campaign

Michigan DEQ gives green light to continue importing radioactive fracking waste and dumping it here in Michigan, but they do not intend to hold a public hearing on the issue.

Tell the Michigan DEQ that Michiganders deserve a chance to speak out on this proposal — add your name to urge the DEQ to hold a public hearing >>


Stop House Bill 4246 — One Size Does Not Fit All In Michigan

New bill would forbid Michigan from creating regulations stronger than the federal government's.

Tell the House Regulatory Committee that one-size-fits-all is not good enough for Michigan's natural resources >>


Michigan's Clean Energy Future Needs Your Support Today!

Key decisionmakers in Lansing are taking action to craft our future energy policy, right now. We need to make sure that clean energy is a major part of that future, and that's why they need to hear from you ASAP!

Big decisions are being made this year on energy, urge your elected officials to keep up Michigan's momentum on clean energy >>


2014 Lame Duck Scorecard

Last year’s Lame Duck session illustrated how quickly bills that waged serious attacks on Michigan’s land, air and water can move in the final weeks of the year. And while Michigan LCV was able to work together with thousands of member to put a stop to some of the worst policies, others are now on the books. 

We must apply that same kind of pressure on the issues we care about this year. Share the 2014 Lame Duck Scorecard with your elected officials to let them know you’re keeping score.

Show your elected officials that you're keeping score, and urge them to make conservation a priority in the years ahead >>


Letter to the Editor:

You can also send a letter to the editor to voice your support for environmental issues. Call our Ann Arbor office at (734) 222-9650, for newspaper contacts and template letters you can tailor to your community.

Read more about sending a letter to the editor >>