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If you’re ready to get involved in an issue you care about, the Michigan League of Conservation Voters can help. Often something as simple as a phone call or an e-mail can make a huge difference. 

Current Action Alerts:

Tell the Michigan DNR: Hands Off Hartwick Pines State Park

One of Michigan's largest state parks is scheduled to be on the auction block this fall. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is planning on leasing rights for oil and gas exploration under Hartwick Pines State Park this October, and that means wells and drills could be moving in nearby. Located between Gaylord and Grayling, Hartwick Pines spans more than 9,000 acres and it is home to the largest contiguous stand of old-growth white pine forest in the entire Lower Peninsula. Putting Hartwick Pines in harm's way denies the conservation legacy that led to setting aside our state parks in the first place. The Michigan DNR is accepting feedback on its decision to put Hartwick Pines up for auction through September 5th. Submit your comment in opposition today >>

The Time is Now: Help Michigan Transition from Coal to Renewable Energy

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) carbon reduction rules for existing power plants will fight climate change and significantly reduce air pollution. The rules are a common sense approach to limit previously unlimited carbon emissions from our nation’s largest carbon polluters. Power plants are responsible for 40 percent of carbon pollution in the U.S., which contaminates Michigan’s lakes, rivers, and streams and damages our health.

The EPA’s proposed rules give states the power to decide what policies to put in place to meet the carbon reduction goals. Michigan has a huge opportunity to capitalize on our clean energy successes so far by crafting solutions that accelerate our transition from coal to clean, renewable energy. The Snyder Administration should develop solutions that put renewable energy and energy efficiency front and center. Send a message to Governor Snyder and the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Urge them to meet the EPA’s goals by developing solutions that continue to grow Michigan’s clean energy economy, improve our air and water quality and protect our public health.

Letter to the Editor:

You can also send a letter to the editor to voice your support for environmental issues. Call our Ann Arbor office at (734) 222-9650, for newspaper contacts and template letters you can tailor to your community. > Read more about sending a letter to the editor