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If you’re ready to get involved with an issue you care about, the Michigan League of Conservation Voters can help. Often something as simple as a phone call or an e-mail can make a huge difference. 

Current Action Alerts:

Anti-Biodiversity, Senate Bill 78:

After facing stiff resistance and stalling in the House Natural Resources Committee for almost two years now, SB 78 (known by many as the "anti-Biodiversity bill") was approved by that committee.

Andrea LaFontaine (R - Columbus Twp.), who chairs the House Natural Resources Committee, called a hearing and vote Tuesday, December 9 at 8:30 AM. If approved, this bill (originally introduced by Sen. Tom Casperson (R - Escanaba)) would forbid the Department of Natural Resources from attempting to protect Michigan’s biodiversity. In effect, the plan would hamstring the DNR from doing what it is entrusted to do: protect and conserve Michigan’s natural resources for future generations.

SB 78 passed the House Natural Resources Committee on December 9, 2014 with a vote of 6 yes, 3 pass.

SB 78 passed the Senate back on March 5, 2013 with a vote of 26 yes, 11 no.

Next step: TAKE ACTION

Having already passed out of committee, SB 78 will likely be voted on in the full House of Representatives in the coming days. As soon as we have an alert up and running, we will get the form up ASAP.

Tell Your State Representative: Hazardous Waste is Not Clean, Renewable Energy

Michigan currently defines a renewable energy resource as energy that is ultimately derived from solar power, water power or wind power, and is naturally replenished over a human time frame. This is a definition based on science, rather than political interests.

House Bill 5205, which is rapidly moving through the Michigan legislature, aims to water down the definition of 'renewable energy' to include the incineration of rubber tires, industrial byproducts and hazardous waste.

The Michigan House of Representatives approved House Bill 5205 on 12/4/14. Vote count: 63 yes, 46 no, 1 absent.

The House Energy and Technology Committee approved this bill on 12/2/14. Vote count: 17 yes, 3 no, 2 pass.

Stay tuned, as we are actively monitoring and reaching out to key legislators trying to stop this bill in its tracks. We will keep you posted with opportunities to take action if this bill gains traction in the Michigan Senate.

Open the Door for More Energy Efficiency in Michigan

The Senate Energy and Technology Committee voted to approve (House Bill 5397) which would allow customers of municipal utilities to finance energy efficiency upgrades through installments on their monthly utility bills, making those upgrades more attainable for thousands of Michigan residents.

Michigan LCV is happy to report that the measure passed with bipartisan support!

Having already passed the House with near unanimous support (108-2), now it is on to the Senate. We will keep you posted on opportunities to weigh-in as they arise. Vote Count: 6 yes, 0 no, 3 absent

Tell the MDNR: Stop the Expansion of Eagle Mine

Help protect the Yellow Dog River in the Upper Peninsula from the encroachment of sulfide mining. The Minerals Management Office of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is considering the application of Eagle Mine LLC to lease about 40 acres of land adjacent to the Yellow Dog River for their sulfide mining operations.

Michigan LCV is working with our partners at the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve and Save the Wild U.P. to come out strong in opposition to this reckless proposal. Before December 1st, the Michigan DNR wants to hear from Michiganders like you!

Nearly 1,000 comments submitted by Michigan LCV members. Now awaiting Michigan DNR decision. We will report back on the outcome and try to provide more opportunities to take action on this issue as they arise!

Tell the MDNR: Expand Saugatuck Dunes State Park!

Right now, we have an incredible opportunity to preserve 150 acres of precious and pristine sand dunes along Lake Michigan! The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is considering using the Natural Resource Trust Fund to expand Saugatuck Dunes State Park to include undeveloped dunes next to the current park boundary at the mouth of the Kalamazoo River.

Michigan LCV is working with our friends at the Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance to drum up support for preserving these amazing dunes.

At the Natural Resource Trust Fund meeting on December 3rd, the property's owner stated that it was no longer for sale. Unfortunate news for now, but we will keep you up to date on whether that changes and let you know if we start to see movement.

Take Action: Safer Chemicals, Safer Couches

Urge our Michigan Senators to support safer chemicals and smarter policies today! >>

US Senator Chuck Schumer (D - NY) introduced a bill that would ban the ten worst toxic flame retardants from use in upholstered furniture and children’s products, and allows the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban similar chemicals shown to be hazardous.

These chemicals are not only dangerous to human health but are ineffective in preventing fires. In order to keep these flame retardants out of our water, our soil and our homes, it is high time we take action against these toxic chemicals.

Letter to the Editor:

You can also send a letter to the editor to voice your support for environmental issues. Call our Ann Arbor office at (734) 222-9650, for newspaper contacts and template letters you can tailor to your community. Read more about sending a letter to the editor >>