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Reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills

The Inflation Reduction Act provides financial incentives to businesses, schools, non-profits, and households to generate clean energy, improve efficiency, and swap out old fossil fuel-based systems, vehicles, and appliances for new, healthier, electric alternatives. Schedule an energy audit today and take advantage of historic opportunities to lower your energy costs and your carbon footprint!

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Get the facts: Clean energy is a win for Michigan

The clean energy evolution presents enormous opportunities to create good jobs, lower energy costs and reduce pollution in our air and water – now and well into the future.

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Urge lawmakers to pass a state budget that invests in our future

Tell your lawmaker to include important housing, water infrastructure, and clean energy investments in this year’s budget and make an impact on the issues that directly benefit Michigan families.

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Michigan LCV unveils first round of endorsements for 2024 elections

Michigan LCV recently announced round one endorsements for 44 candidates running for state house seats in districts across the state this November. At Michigan LCV, we pride ourselves on only endorsing candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to the protection of Michigan’s air, land, water, climate, public health, and democracy.

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Check your scorecard and see if lawmakers in your district vote with our land, air and water in mind.

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Issues & Impact

The quality of our land, air and water directly impacts our health — and without a healthy democracy, we can’t have a healthy environment. Our goal is to make sure the health of our communities and democracy are top priorities for our elected officials. Learn about the latest issues facing the Great Lakes State and how you can get involved.

Michigan League of Conservation Voters

Protecting the planet starts with protecting our democracy.

We can’t have a healthy environment without a healthy democracy, and the health of our environment impacts the health of our people. We know that in order to fight against corporate special interests and big polluters, we need a democracy where every voice is heard. That’s why at Michigan LCV — ensuring access to the ballot is just as high on our priority list as protecting our water, land, and air.

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We’re non-partisan.

Clean air and safe drinking water are basic needs, not partisan issues. We represent the issues, not a political party. We work to find common ground to do right by our state’s incredible natural resources and all of us who depend on them.

We're political.

Electing environmental champions and passing the right policies is the best way to protect the health of our communities, our democracy, and our natural resources. We elect and educate leaders, and we hold them accountable to protect the Great Lakes State.

We’re supported by Michiganders like you.

You donate, you volunteer, you take action and contact your elected officials — and you make protecting our land, air, water, and democracy a political priority. In every corner of the state, Michigan LCV members are standing up for a brighter future. Thank you!

Michiganders Make an Impact

Action Takers 1,614
Messages, texts and calls to lawmakers 4,854
Dollars raised and donated to community organizations in 2022 $400,000
Environmental champions elected to office in 2022 87
Sandy Wynn-Stelt, Belmont

I’ve been grappling with toxic PFAS contamination and its health impacts for years. Michigan LCV has been with me every step of the way with the tools to get meaningful action on cleaning up our drinking water.

Sandy Wynn-Stelt, Belmont

What brings you to this movement?

Everyone comes to this work with different motivations. It could be to fight environmental injustice and ensure every Michigander, no matter the color of their skin, has clean air to breathe, safe water to drink and a healthy community. It could be your desire to shut down Line 5 and protect our Great Lakes from a catastrophic oil spill. Maybe it’s because you know we must protect our election systems and elect environmental champions — because without a healthy democracy, we can’t have a healthy environment. Whatever your reason, we want to know what brings you to this fight.

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