About Us

We protect Michigan’s air, land, and water by activating voters to elect and hold accountable public officials who fight for an environment that sustains the health and well-being of us all.

Your support is helping build a healthy and just future for us all.


Regardless of which party is in power, you can count on us to be there, fighting to advance policies that protect our health, safety, and way of life.


When bad policies move forward and when good ideas need support, you can count on us to mobilize voters to take action when and where it will have the greatest impact.


When elections are held across the Great Lakes State, you can count on us to be there, fighting to elect the right leaders who will restore our state’s commitment to preserving our natural resources.

Hold Accountable

When the media is no longer paying attention, you can count on us to be there, tracking votes, keeping score, and holding our elected officials accountable.

You Have the Power to Inspire Change.

The impacts of climate change are intensifying and decades of disinvestment have resulted in certain communities disproportionately bearing the brunt of these impacts.

By working together we can reverse these disparities and ensure all Michiganders, regardless of income or zip code, have clean air to breath, safe water to drink and healthy communities.

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Our Priorities

From contaminated drinking water and out of control air pollution to attacks on our most cherished parks and natural areas, our state is no longer a leader in protecting our land, air and water.

If we want our communities to be safe and clean, we cannot continue with business as usual.

Our Family of Organizations

Michigan LCV

Michigan LCV

Endorses pro-environment, pro-democracy candidates running for office in Michigan and educates voters about elected officials’ environmental records. Michigan LCV is a 501 (C) 4 organization and can accept unlimited personal and corporate contributions.

Michigan LCV Education Fund

Michigan LCV Education Fund

Engages elected officials, business leaders and all Michigan residents to take action on the most pressing democracy, land, and water issues facing our state. We also conduct non-partisan civic engagement work, including large-scale voter contact programs to educate voters about upcoming elections and how to vote as well as citizen organizing on specific policy issues. Michigan LCV Education Fund is a 501(c)3 organization, gifts to which are tax deductible.

Michigan LCV Political Action Committee

Michigan LCV Political Action Committee

Directly supports the campaigns of environmental and democracy champions. Michigan LCV PAC can accept unlimited personal contributions from Michigan LCV members.

Conservation Voters of Michigan Political Action Committee

Conservation Voters of Michigan Political Action Committee

Supports our independent campaigns to elect environmental and democracy champions to office. CVM PAC can accept unlimited personal and corporate contributions.

Our Guiding Principles

These Guiding Principles describe the conscience of the Organization and should be in practice in any program, campaign, or initiative the Organization takes on and the everyday work of our staff and board.

People-Centered Power

Building authentic power led by those who have been impacted by pollution and degradation and who share a commitment to protecting Michigan’s air, land, water and democracy.


Achieving our goals through breaking new ground and establishing visionary models for advocacy and community organizing to protect everyone’s right to clean air and water, safe communities and a healthy democracy.


Building bridges across diverse communities and constituencies in a way that recognizes the power, breadth and depth of political, economic, and racial differences that exist in our state. We strive to transcend those divides by listening, creating a sense of belonging and developing connections, partnerships and opportunities for collective action.


Fighting for fair and equitable environmental policies that create, restore or protect access to clean air and water, natural spaces and voting rights, especially for communities disproportionately impacted by pollution, climate change and voter suppression. We ensure that all elected officials are held accountable for their actions and all voices are heard by the people elected to represent them, especially those who have been historically disenfranchised.

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For more than 22 years, Michigan LCV has worked to harness the power of government and people to protect our air, land and water and improve quality of life for all Michiganders. Whom we elect matters, and when we come together and use our collective voices, we can enact lasting change for our state.

Lisa Wozniak
Executive Director, Michigan LCV

What can you do?

Our work centers around people like you getting involved and taking action. Your story is important. We want to know: What brings you to this work? By sharing your story, you can inspire others to get involved as we fight for a healthier future for all Michiganders

Join the movement to protect the Great Lakes state

And we’ll show you two ways to help. Together, we can be a voice for change and protect Michigan’s land, air, water, public health, and democracy.