Elections matter. You can help build an environmental majority and elect environmental champions to office.

Together, we can ensure that our elected leaders are prioritizing and protecting our land, air, water, public health and democracy.

How We Work

How We Work

How We Win

We start early

Contacting voters and providing opportunities for action on our issues year-round.

We build partnerships

…by forming united fronts on environmental issues with frontline communities, small businesses, faith groups, social justice organizations and others who share our mission of protecting the Great Lakes State. When bad policies move forward and when good ideas need support, you can count on us to mobilize voters to take action when and where it will have the greatest impact.

We design and execute innovative campaigns

Making big impacts with small amounts of resources, maximizing our impact.

We communicate strategically and creatively

To lawmakers, the media, and the public, connecting your passion for clean water and clean air to Michiganders’ everyday lives and raising the profile of environmental issues in community conversations.

We turn-out voters

And make sure every Michigander has the opportunity to participate in our democracy and make their voice heard on election day.

We keep you involved

Via regular updates and opportunities for action.

How you can make the difference


In competitive elections, every dollar counts and is an investment in breathable air and drinkable water.

Donate to the Michigan LCV PAC


Talking to your neighbors and turning out voters in your community is how we get environmental champions elected. Join us for our next canvass.

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Our Wins

Our elected officials work for us, so it is our duty to make sure they make the health of our communities and our natural resources top priorities.

2024 Candidate Endorsements
0% Win Percentage
61 Candidates Endorsed
2023 Candidate Endorsements
50% Win Percentage
2 Candidates Endorsed
2022 Candidate Endorsements
90% Win Percentage
95 Candidates Endorsed
2021 Candidate Endorsements
84% Win Percentage
6 Candidates Endorsed
2020 Candidate Endorsements
89% Win Percentage
71 Candidates Endorsed
2018 Candidate Endorsements
87% Win Percentage
74 Candidates Endorsed
2016 Candidate Endorsements
87% Win Percentage
45 Candidates Endorsed
2014 Candidate Endorsements
83% Win Percentage
39 Candidates Endorsed
2012 Candidate Endorsements
50% Win Percentage
8 Candidates Endorsed

Our Endorsement Process

Our endorsements come with careful consideration and a thorough vetting process. To earn our endorsement, candidates complete a questionnaire to articulate clear positions on the most pressing environmental issues facing Michigan. Candidates that demonstrate satisfactory environmental values are then asked to complete an in-person interview with Michigan LCV staff and board members. In these interviews, we not only evaluate candidates’ environmental views, but also their viability as a candidate.

Get Endorsed
Our Endorsement Process

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…I’m on the floor because of MLCV. The amount of campaigning and all the help that I got canvassing and support in so many ways is really what helped get me here. And so I can’t thank MLCV enough.

Rep. Jennifer Conlin
Representative House District 48

Join the movement to protect the Great Lakes state

And we’ll show you two ways to help. Together, we can be a voice for change and protect Michigan’s land, air, water, public health, and democracy.