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Voting Access and Protecting Democracy

Voting is how we make our voices heard. We cannot address the environmental challenges facing our state if we can’t make our voices heard at the ballot box. We fight to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to use that voice.

Passing strong environmental protection laws requires fair and open elections, so that we can elect pro-environmental decision-makers to office. Michigan needs to lead the way with smart policies that promote a strong democratic process and ensure better outcomes for the public.

Michigan LCV advocates for policies that ensure Michiganders have equitable access to the ballot box and voting is accessible. We also fight against policies that strip away voting rights and make voting harder.

Michigan LCV and its members are committed to driving positive change. By working together, we can demand more from our elected officials and ensure that our state government is accountable to the people it serves. Let’s come together and make Michigan a model of voting access and a strong democracy.

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Our work centers around people like you getting involved and taking action. Your story is important. We want to know: What brings you to this work? By sharing your story, you can inspire others to get involved as we fight for a healthier future for all Michiganders

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Join our teams across the state who are working together to elect strong leaders to office and to pass stronger laws to protect our land, air and water.

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Protect Michigan's Natural Resources and Public Health

Michigan League of Conservation Voters

All Michiganders deserve a just, liveable future, and we understand what’s at stake. We need to make sure our elected officials share our values. Achieving that is going to take education, advocacy, and political action.

And all three of those strategies rely on you — your commitment and your willingness to fight for justice and the people and places you love.


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There are big threats facing our communities and our state, but members like you are already making a difference.

You can help put Michigan back on track toward being a leader in the nation on clean water and strong environmental protections by helping us tackle the pressing issues facing our state and our communities.

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Because people like you are stepping up and taking action, Michigan LCV has been able to win when it counts. With your help, we are prepared to win the next one.

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