December 13th, 2019

On December 6, 2019 the Michigan Public Service Commission announced that it accepted several pieces of the Upper Peninsula Power Co.’s (UPPCo) integrated resource plan (IRP) determining it’s future power supply.  The plan will lower costs for utility customers and has a number of environmental improvements including the adoption of: a 125 megawatt solar power contract that the utility presented as the lowest-cost energy supply option; an increase in UPPCo’s energy waste reduction goals to 1.65 percent of total annual electricity sales in 2020 and 1.75 percent in 2021. Energy waste reduction helps lower costs, reduce pollution and climate emissions through reductions in energy use. It’s estimated that every $1 spent on energy waste reduction saves $4 in avoided energy costs.  Additionally, the Commission did not support the building of a new 20 MW natural gas reciprocating internal combustion engine power plant. The Commission, among other concerns raised, said it expects a more robust discussion of alternatives.  

The Attorney General intervened in the case beginning in August and directly supported testimony of clean energy and ratepayer advocates.  This type of ongoing legal support for Michigan’s environment and residential ratepayers at the Public Service Commission is an incredibly important tool in building a clean energy future and addressing climate change.