June 22nd, 2020

On June 22, Attorney General Dana Nessel issued a restraining order against Enbridge to hand over crucial documents detailing recent damage to a support anchor on the eastern leg of the Line 5 pipeline. In addition to requesting the documents, the restraining order asks that Enbridge shut down Line 5 until the state can conduct a full investigation into the extent of the damage. This action comes on the heels of Enbridge’s failure to produce sufficient documentation to the state about the extent of the damage and after choosing to restart the western leg of the pipeline earlier in the week after Governor Whitmer specifically requested the pipeline to be shut down during the investigation.  

Michigan LCV has consistently taken the position that Line 5 is a danger to the Great Lakes. Not only is the pipeline aging, but Enbridge has demonstrated that it cannot be trusted to protect the public good after having multiple instances of damage to Line 5 and a history of pipeline ruptures within the state. As a result, Michigan LCV fully supports any attempts by the Governor and the Attorney General to shut down the pipeline before a devastating spill irreparably harms Michigan waters.