February 24th, 2021

This February, Governor Whitmer appeared before the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works to testify in support of President Biden’s climate, justice, and jobs platform within the transportation sector. In her testimony, Governor Whitmer advocated for expanding our nation’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure, decarbonizing our transportation sector, and investing more heavily in our nation’s roads and bridges. The transportation industry is currently one of our nation’s most polluting sectors, and traditional road construction/expansion is environmentally degrading – so that’s why we are happy Governor Whitmer has repeatedly advocated for Michigan to become a national leader in advanced mobility and electrification given our state’s rich automotive history. This continued advocacy includes her Mobility Futures Initiative, which she featured as part of her 2021 budget recommendations, which would invest millions of dollars in fleet replacement and the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Advanced mobility, coupled with modern, environmentally friendly green infrastructure embedded into more climate resilient road construction and design will begin to turn the ship.