July 18th, 2023

Governor Whitmer signed a broad package of bills related to Proposal 22-2, better known as Prop 2. Last election cycle, voters supported this ballot proposal that will make voting easier, safer, and ensure the constitutional right to vote is available to all Michigan citizens. 

These bills will allow at least nine days of early in person voting before election day, early processing of absentee ballots, easier ways to access and send back absentee ballots, along with providing prepaid postage for absentee ballots to eliminate a financial burden on voters. This new legislation will allow more voters to participate in elections, by providing more opportunities and voting resources to ensure every voice is heard. 

Michigan LCV worked in coalitions such as Promote the Vote to uplift and educate voters on the importance of passing and then properly implementing Prop 2. With an entire team dedicated to ensuring Democracy for All, Michigan LCV will continue to support legislation and funding for expanding voting rights across the state.