October 31st, 2019

On Sept. 20 AG Nessel joined 21 other states in support of the state of California as it pushes stop the Trump administration from revoking its authority to set it own emission standards. This move would have national significance, as 13 other states are set to follow the new California emission standards, making up roughly ⅓ of the auto market in America. AG Nessel doubled down on this effort to curb both carbon emissions and Trump administration overreach by joining with 10 other attorneys general on Oct. 31, 2019 in calling on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to recognize and consider the states’ shared priority of transitioning to a cleaner energy system, and to adopt policies and take actions that aid in that effort. The attorneys general specifically called on FERC to consider:

  • Promoting market design choices that appropriately recognize the rights of states under federal law to grow their clean energy resources;
  • Assisting states in procuring the lowest-cost options for meeting electricity needs by eliminating barriers to competition for renewable energy generators, energy storage, energy efficiency, demand response, and other innovative clean energy technologies;
  • Comprehensively assessing the associated climate impacts and all reasonable clean energy alternatives when evaluating proposed new fossil fuel infrastructure; and
  • Exercising its oversight authority to ensure that the operators of regional electric grids and other regulated entities are fostering participation, transparency, independence and responsiveness to states, consumers, and other stakeholders.