Democracy Drumbeat: Our June Recap

Democracy Drumbeat: Our June Recap

Authors Note 

Happy Summer! Recess for Michigan Legislators is right around the corner. What does this mean? Members of the Michigan House and Senate will pause committee hearings and votes on bills. 

In these last days of the legislative session, our lawmakers in Lansing will continue to finalize Proposal 2 bills and get them to the Governor’s desk. 

But before we begin our June recap, it’s important to highlight the historic strides accomplished by Michigan Legislators. In these past few weeks, we have seen a number of voting rights bills on their way to becoming laws that will update our election system and create more opportunities for ballot access. 

More details below!

Our June Democracy Recap 

Democracy Legislation Update

The House and Senate passed an eight-bill package to carry out Proposal 2! These bills will give clerks and folks working our elections guidance on the newly established proposal. In addition, this will give voters guidance on how to exercise their continued right to the ballot. 

Senate Bill 367 & House Bill 4695

This will establish an outline for the constitutionally mandated nine-day early voting period. 

Senate Bill 368 & House Bill 4696

This will create penalties for specific violations related to early voting. 

Senate Bill 369 & House Bill 4699

This will create a permanent mail ballot list that enables voters to apply once and receive an absentee ballot for all future elections. 

Senate Bill 370 & House Bill 4700

This will enhance the absentee ballot application process and improve the signature verification and correction procedure. 

Senate Bill 372 & House Bill 4697

This will establish guidelines and steps for acquiring, distributing, and safeguarding ballot drop boxes. 

Senate Bill 373 & House Bill 4698

This will broaden the range of identifications that eligible voters can use at the polls. 

Senate Bill 374 & House Bill 4702

This will enlarge the size of precincts on Election Day. 

Welcome our newest addition, Mia Roberson

We are so excited to welcome Mia Roberson, our new Voting Rights Manager for the Democracy For All team!

Mia is a Detroit native and true Aquarian (Jan 26). Writing and performing are passions of hers. She’s a nationally ranked poet and has traveled all over the nation performing and competing in poetry slams. Organizing has been at her core most of her life. She started as a teenager, advocating for comprehensive reproductive education in schools and since then she has worked on voter education and mobilization as well as various community outreach projects to amplify youth voices in Detroit and Grand Rapids.

Welcome, Mia!

Kicking off our summer 313/616 Votes program! 

On Monday, June 12, we launched our first year of non-election based engagement for our 313/616 Votes program! With no elections in our target cities of Detroit and Grand Rapids, our 313/616 Votes advocates will spend the summer deepening their ties to their communities and spreading information about the expansion of voting rights as a result of Proposal 2.

In two teams of five on both sides of the state, our advocates will be tabling at community events, creating engaging social media, and presenting in person and virtual editions of Your Government 101 and Voting Rights 102 trainings. We are excited to continue this important work in a new way with our community and democracy partners. Keep an eye out for us in your community!

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