Michigan LCV board members among those appointed to lead Gov. Whitmer’s Council on Climate Solutions

Michigan LCV board members among those appointed to lead Gov. Whitmer’s Council on Climate Solutions

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has officially announced who will serve on the Council on Climate Solutions to drive implementation of the MI Healthy Climate Plan. We are delighted to share that two Michigan LCV board members were selected to serve on the council!

The Council will advise both the Governor and the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) on the implementation of Michigan’s boldest climate plan in history. The Council is made up of directors from state departments and 14 Michigan residents with diverse expertise in climate science, the environment, clean energy and public health.

“I fully believe that these appointees will help us fully implement the MI Healthy Climate Plan and will be laser-focused when it comes to combating the direct threat of climate change,” Gov. Whitmer said in a statement announcing the council. 

Michigan LCV is thrilled to have board members Kerry Duggan and Phil Roos at the center of our state’s climate action.

Here’s a little more about them:

Kerry Duggan – As a long time advocate for climate solutions, both at the state and national level, Kerry has established herself as a premier strategist and consultant within the environmental and scientific communities. Having served in the White House as Deputy Director of Policy for then-Vice President Joe Biden, Kerry understands the intricacies of working for climate solutions at the national level, and as the Biden administration begins to establish its own climate priorities that align with what is happening here in Michigan, she will bring valuable insights and expertise to the Council to ensure that the MI Healthy Climate Plan is implemented in the most effective manner possible.


Phil Roos – Phil is also a long time friend of Michigan LCV and a board member that has helped us grow and develop as an organization over the years. Having years of experience starting and building his own consulting firm, Great Lakes GrowthWorks, Phil comes to the Council as a fierce advocate for the environment and fighting climate change with a unique perspective. Understanding the world of consulting and finding solutions, Phil will be an integral part of the Council’s work, helping to find the best ways for the Governor’s team and EGLE to manage and accelerate the implementation of the MI Healthy Climate Plan.

The Council on Climate Solutions, in partnership with the recently announced Climate Justice Brain Trust panel that will advise the Council, will be the key to ensuring that Michigan reaches the clean energy and public health goals outlined in the MI Healthy Climate Plan, not just for some, but for all Michiganders with equity and justice as a central focus. Michigan LCV is thrilled at the progress of the governor’s plan and excited to see members of the Michigan LCV family at the center of the process.

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