New Election Petition Seeks to Divide and Distract Michigan Voters

New Election Petition Seeks to Divide and Distract Michigan Voters

DETROIT — All Voting is Local Michigan and the Michigan League of Conservation Voters released the following joint statement in response to an anti-voter group filing a petition with the Secretary of State on Tuesday to overturn Michigan’s official certification and audit process:

“This petition is the latest attempt to sow doubt in our elections, and deliberately divide and distract Michigan voters by spreading false information. More than 250 audits by election officials across our state have already confirmed the accuracy and integrity of the 2020 elections.

“Like other proposed election sabotage efforts, this will harm our democracy for every Michigander. At a time when clerks and election officials are already overloaded, this initiative will add further burdens and strains on resources. Not only should Michigan voters refuse to sign it, but our elected officials must publicly disavow it and strongly discourage any future anti-voter efforts.”

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