Your Clean Energy Future is in Danger

Your Clean Energy Future is in Danger

The US was on track to join the fight against global climate change by reducing pollution from our outdated coal-fired power plants and transition toward clean, renewable energy.

That was until February of this year.

In February, the US Supreme Court hit the brakes–leaving a crucial national action plan with an uncertain future.

Without a clear national plan, the stakes are now much higher for state level energy policy. If states like Michigan do not take meaningful action to move toward clean energy, then the entire country is poised to fall behind.

That’s why Michigan LCV is all-in. Because of members like you, this fight is not over.

As Michigan struggles to make such an important decision about the future of our state energy policy, Michigan LCV will continue to use our political know-how to make sure the voices of Michiganders like you are heard in Lansing.

Your quick action in response to online alerts, your donations of time and talent, and your financial gifts will make the difference in this continuing fight. Thank you.

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