#OurWaterOurVote campaign drives election, supports clean water champions

#OurWaterOurVote campaign drives election, supports clean water champions


November 5, 2018


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#OurWaterOurVote campaign drives election, supports clean water champions

Conservation Voters of Michigan PAC’s $3 million campaign in its final GOTV push, encourages voters to choose Gretchen Whitmer

Ann Arbor, MI — The Conservation Voters of Michigan (CVM) PAC through its multi-million dollar #OurWaterOurVote campaign is driving a layered, aggressive voter contact program statewide.

#OurWaterOurVote supports Gretchen Whitmer and legislative clean water champions who are committed to addressing the state’s growing drinking water threats and protecting the Great Lakes.

“Safe, clean drinking water is the No. 1 concern among voters and they’re making decisions on who they can trust to clean up and protect what is coming from their taps,” said Bob Allison, deputy director at Michigan League of Conservation Voters. “Our campaign is saying clearly: it’s time for a hard reset in Lansing; it’s time to put leaders in office who will step up to address our state’s drinking water crises.”

The Conservation Voters of Michigan PAC’s $3 million campaign is its largest-ever investment in the gubernatorial and includes targeted state House and Senate battleground races.  By tomorrow, it will have knocked on 300,000 doors, reached 574,000 via digital advertising, contacted 301,000 voters with two waves of video text messages, and sent 163,000 households three flights of mail on behalf of legislative “clean water champions.”  

“When it comes to the race for governor, the choice is clear and we’ve made sure voters understand it. Gretchen Whitmer will clean up Michigan’s drinking water, protect our Great Lakes and stand up to corporate polluters,” Allison said. “Bill Schuette has a horrendous record of protecting our environment, deep ties to corporate polluters and is one of the nation’s most anti-environment candidates running for statewide office.”

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Clean Drinking Water Is A Top Issue

Candidates up-and-down the ticket have been separately echoing the call for clean drinking water, incorporating it into their campaign materials and running paid communications on the issue – especially at the legislative level.  

Some examples:

  • Winnie Brinks (SD-29) launched an ad focused on the PFAS crisis, her opponent’s inaction on the issue, and elevating her work in the state Legislature to find solutions.
  • Sean McCann (SD-20) launched a TV ad focused entirely on the PFAS issue, mentioning his Michigan LCV endorsement, and hammering his opponent for failing to act sooner.
  • A 30-second ad for Mallory McMorrow (SD-13) framing her opponent’s record on weakening protections and talking about her plans to make the issue a priority if elected.
  • A 30-second ad from Laurie Pohutsky (HD-19), a microbiologist, that ends with the powerful tagline, “… Because no one should put our Great Lakes at risk.”  
  • Three southwest Michigan House candidates, including Alberta Griffin (HD-61) and Jim Haadsma (HD-62) released an online video, standing outside a shuttered paper mill responsible for PFAS contamination and calling for stronger clean-up efforts.
  • An online video ad from Mari Manoogian (HD-40) in Oakland County, where she talks passionately about why protecting water is one of her top priorities.


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