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Youth Earth Day Parade

Picture this… you’re ten years old, and your parents tell you we’re marching in an Earth Day parade! You create signs out of cardboard and have conversations about Earth Day and learn why it’s important. Then, on April 22, you join masses of people to celebrate. This is the type of experience that helps the next generation grow up into citizens who care about our planet!

Last year, Michigan LCV led a youth Earth Day parade, and families of all shapes and sizes came out to join. It was thrilling to see and hear the impact this experience had on the community members who joined us.

We want to shut down the streets again and lift up Earth Day, but we’re coming up short! Donate now to help Michigan LCV lead another youth Earth Day parade!

Goal $1,700 by March 31, 2024
$1,539 Still Needed
I’ve been grappling with toxic PFAS contamination and its health impacts for years. Michigan LCV has been with me every step of the way with the tools to get meaningful action on cleaning up our drinking water. Sandy Wynn-Stelt, Belmont

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