Alec Esparza Youth Activist Scholarship

Our Water Activist Youth Stipend Application

The purpose of the Alec Esparza Youth Activist Fund is to honor the memory of Alec, a young activist passionate about environmental justice and ensuring fair and equal access to the ballot box. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to provide a small number of $2,000 stipends to Our Water Activist participants.

In one page or less, please do the best you can to describe why you want to be a part of the Our Water Activist program, how being a recipient of the Alec Esparza stipend will help you participate, and how environmental justice work fits into your larger goals. Please email your application to: subject line: Alec Esparza Youth Activist Fund.

Stipends will be awarded based on the merits of your application and are dependent on funding.

Bridget Corwin

My favorite part of being an Our Water Activist has been connecting with people across the state of Michigan through phone banking, canvassing, town halls, and just being a part of the MLCV team. As someone who majored in environmental science and political science in college, having the opportunity to hear stories from Michiganders who are directly impacted by social and environmental issues has given me so much perspective beyond what I’ve learned in the classroom. Being an OWA has made me a much more informed, mindful, and connected advocate, and I feel like I can now take more meaningful action in whatever career path I take.

Allison Liu

I loved to meet and talk to volunteers and environmental supporters and hearing their passion – it’s so inspiring and really motivates me. I also love that we get to work on all levels of government and really learn about all the environmental issues impacting the entire state, especially the regions I’m not personally familiar with.

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