Build Back Better for Us: Naina Nagar's Story

Build Back Better for Us: Naina Nagar's Story

Naina Nagar, a senior at Troy High School has volunteered for many causes throughout her 17 years of life. Most recently, she’s spent her evenings making phone calls to lawmakers and community members about the current state of clean water in Michigan with Michigan LCV’s Our Water Activist program.

Naina found the Our Water Activist program through a program at her school called Project Lead, a group that organizes volunteer activities for students.

“When I found the Our Water Activist program I thought it would be a great way for me to make a difference where I could see things changing and make some kind of progress right now.”

While clean water activism is a passion of Naina’s, she also understands the key to a sustainable future requires taking serious action against climate change by replacing fossil fuels with clean energy on a global scale.

“Fossil fuels need to be replaced with clean energy, and we need to move away from the gasoline cars that we have right now. That would be the only way to really have a future on the planet that’s going to be sustainable.”

Naina believes taking bold actions against climate change needs to be a top priority for citizens and lawmakers everywhere.

“It’s not just recycling that’s going to make a big difference in the world, or using less water, or less electricity or things like that. We need to be doing big things like taking governmental action on a wide scale throughout the state and the country.”

That’s why Naina supports building our country back better with historical investments in protecting water access and fighting climate change.

“We’re talking about the future, your family’s future, your kids or your neighbor’s kids, or everyone that you know. I like reminding people that this is bigger than you.”

The Build Back Better Agenda offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity for major investments in water infrastructure including removing lead pipes and rebuilding aging sewage systems, as well as fighting climate change by expanding the clean energy sector and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This plan not only improves the quality of life for people right now, but it also protects the planet for future generations.

“We have to make sure that we’re thinking about the big picture. It’s really important that we all take bold action together in order to reverse climate change as best as we can.”

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