Capital Catch-Up: April 11, 2022

Capital Catch-Up: April 11, 2022

Special Edition: Michigan LCV Announces Round 1 Endorsements!

With all of our state offices up for re-election (Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and chambers of the Legislature), 2022 will be a big election year for Michiganders. Moreover, our newly redistricted state House and Senate districts have created more swing seats than we’ve seen in decades, and there will be many opportunities to elect conservation champions at all levels of government. 

Helping elect environmental champions to office is a key pillar of Michigan LCV’s work, and one of the ways we engage is through issuing endorsements. This Thursday, Michigan LCV unveiled our first of four rounds of endorsements for the 2022 election cycle. This first round features 27 State House and State Senate candidates from across Michigan, and includes:  

West Michigan:

  • Christine Morse (HD 40)
  • Julie Rogers (HD 41)
  • Rachel Hood (HD 81)
  • Sean McCann (SD 19)
  • Winnie Brinks (SD 29)
  • David LaGrand (SD 30)


  • Julie Brixie (HD 73)
  • Kara Hope (HD 74)
  • Sarah Anthony (SD 21)
  • Sam Singh (SD 28)

Southeast Michigan/Metro Detroit:

  • Regina Weiss (HD 6)
  • Helena Scott (HD 7)
  • Abraham Aiyash (HD 9)
  • Joe Tate (HD 10)
  • Lori Stone (HD 13)
  • Laurie Pohutsky (HD 17)
  • Kelly Breen (HD 21)
  • Matt Koleszar (HD 22)
  • Jason Morgan (HD 23)
  • Ranjeev Puri (HD 24)
  • Felicia Brabec (HD 33)
  • Erika Geiss (SD 1)
  • Sylvia Santana (SD 2)
  • Stephanie Chang (SD 3)
  • Padma Kuppa (SD 9)
  • Rosemary Bayer (SD 13)
  • Jeff Irwin (SD 15)

The candidates that Michigan LCV endorses have a demonstrated commitment to protecting Michigan’s land, air, water, and democracy; and we look forward to working with them throughout the course of the 2022 cycle!

You can read more about Michigan LCV’s endorsed candidates on our website, or by taking a look at this press release, which we sent out to regional newspapers. Also, be on the lookout for lawmakers sharing their customized endorsement materials on their social media pages!

Getting Endorsed!

As the April filing deadline approaches, the Michigan LCV team is keeping a close eye on new candidates emerging, analyzing our opportunities for change to ensure we have a 2023-24 legislature that is committed to tackling our water challenges and the climate crisis, and standing strong to protect voting rights and our democracy. 

Michigan LCV will continue to run our endorsements process throughout the rest of the 2022 campaign cycle. We encourage all candidates seeking our endorsement for rounds two, three and four to visit the Get Endorsed page on our website, which has more information about our endorsement process and also has a link to our 2022 endorsement questionnaire!

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