Capital Catch-Up: July 18, 2022

Capital Catch-Up: July 18, 2022

Michigan LCV Launches Summer Canvass Program to Support Endorsed Frontline Candidates

As part of our mission, Michigan LCV works to elect candidates to office that share our passion for protecting our state’s land, air, water, and health. This summer, the Michigan LCV team has been out in full force to knock doors for our endorsed candidates, especially those who are on the frontline of maintaining a conservation majority in the State Legislature. Over the course of the summer, we’ve filled 24 volunteer shifts, knocked 841 doors, and communicated with 189 voters — and we are just getting started! 

Keep reading to hear more about some of our endorsed candidates, and how you can help Michigan LCV elect a conservation majority in 2022!

Representative Rachel Hood (House District 81 – Grand Rapids)

Representative Rachel Hood has been a true champion for Michigan’s land, air, and water through her tenure in the Michigan State House. Since her election in 2018, she has sponsored bills to establish a statewide community solar program (HB 4715-4716), reduce childhood lead exposure (HB 5413-5421 & 5423), improve the state’s home energy efficiency and weatherization program (HB 5578), and establish a prevailing wage standard for solar projects (HB 6164). 

This campaign season, the Michigan LCV team is proud to support such an amazing candidate for State Representative in West Michigan!

Representative Matt Koleszar (House District 22 – Plymouth)

Representative Matt Koleszar has served as a crucial voice in the Legislature for protecting Michiganders’ equal access to the ballot. As the Minority Vice Chair of the House Elections and Ethics committee this session, Rep. Koleszar has stood up to ‘Big Lie’ lawmakers as they try to restrict access to absentee ballots and mire our election process in more confusion and doubt. Additionally, he has been a vocal advocate for expanding ballot access through the Promote the Vote ballot initiative. 

In addition to his important work to protect our democracy, Rep. Koleszar has made it his mission to hold a local polluter in his district accountable for repeated violations of their air quality permits. In partnership with AG Nessel and State Sen. Polehanki, Rep. Koleszar was able to help force the company to settle with the state this spring, protecting his constituents’ health and quality of life. 

The Michigan LCV team was able to get out in full force to support Rep. Koleszar on July 15!

Representative Carol Glanville (House District 84 – Walker)

Representative Carol Glanville burst onto the scene after flipping a historically Republican district during a special election this May. In the few months that she has been serving as a State Representative, Rep. Glanville has already made protecting our land, air, water, and democracy a top priority.

She has co-sponsored bills to better protect our critical dune ecosystems and lakeshores from over-development, hold oil and gas companies accountable for price gouging during this time of high inflation, and has repeatedly spoken out about the need to address climate change and guarantee safe, affordable drinking water across the state. 

We were proud to come out on the doors and support a conservation champion like Rep. Glanville on July 11!


Help Us Reach a Conservation Majority in Michigan!

Michigan LCV needs you to help us achieve a conservation majority in the Michigan Legislature. Join us at one of our next canvasses! 


Canvass for Sylvia Santana

July 23 from 10 to 12:30 p.m.


Sign up >>>

Canvass for Jennifer Conlin

July 26 from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Ann Arbor

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Can’t make it on the 23rd or 26th? Stay tuned for future volunteer opportunities in your area! 

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