Capital Catch-Up: November 14, 2022

Capital Catch-Up: November 14, 2022

Michigan LCV Plays Major Role In Electing Pro-Democracy Conservation Majority

A stunning 86 of 95 Michigan LCV endorsed candidates won their races in last week’s general election, proving that voters continue to support pro-democracy, clean water and energy candidates. 

From left to right: Michigan LCV executive director Lisa Wozniak, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, board member Phil Roos and development director Lauren Mallas on Election Night!

On Tuesday, Michigan voters chose to re-elect all three Michigan LCV endorsed women at the top of the ticket – Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson – while Democrats won majorities in the State House of Representatives and State Senate. Michigan voters also voted to pass all three proposals on the 2022 Midterm election ballot.

Michigan voters chose to defend democracy with the passage of Proposal 2, and tighten up financial disclosure requirements for candidates in Proposal 1. Michigan LCV was a Promote the Vote Proposal 2 steering committee partner, raising more than $250,000 in hard money and gathering thousands of signatures in support.

In fact, across the board the Conservation Voters of Michigan PAC spent more than $4 million to elect these environmental champions. In executing the largest campaign in Michigan LCV history, we  knocked over 230,000 doors, had over 32,000 conversations, sent 76,000 texts, and made more than 13,000 phone calls elevating candidates that support Michigan’s democracy and environment. 

Newly Elected Conservation Majority Must Establish Bold Culture; Move Expeditiously and with Resolve

Establishing an effective, pro-democracy, conservation majority will require much staff, infrastructure, and overall capacity building; it will also require conscious, intentional culture building. There will be much strategic discussion, debate, and negotiation about what issues to prioritize, which to move when and how, etc. Those conversations are expected and important.

Equally important, however, is the need to establish a bold, strategic, and smart majority that moves expeditiously forward with confidence and resolve.  In practice this means moving meaningful, scale policies, ambitious budgets, and strong appointments all wrapped within a holistic and compelling vision and power messaging that clearly demonstrates to the people of Michigan that controlling all of the main levers of power in State Government comes with it the awesome and solemn responsibility to deliver for the people of Michigan. One party rule means there will be no easy excuse or ready refuge in failing to achieve significant and lasting outcomes for the state. It will be incumbent on the new legislative majority to build a culture of action over trepidation, and outcome over political machination.

Quick Hits!

Michigan Women Lawmakers, Speaker-Elect Joe Tate Make History

Senate Majority Leader-elect Winnie Brinks with MLCV staff at an Election Night Watch Party in Grand Rapids!

The newly elected Michigan legislature is set up to make history as a majority of members serving in both the House and Senate will be female; the tally represents the highest number of female lawmakers ever serving in the House and Senate, and of course, the three women who are serving in the top three Executive Offices. Moreover, Senator Winnie Brinks will serve as Michigan’s Senate Majority Leader– becoming the first female in Michigan history to hold the position, and Representative Joe Tate was elected by his colleagues to serve as Speaker of the House, the first time an African American has served in that role in Michigan’s history. 

Michigan Set’s New Voting Record for Midterm Election

More than 4.4 million voters casted a ballot in this year’s midterms including over 1.7 million absentee ballots; setting a new record for the number of voters in a midterm election. The previous record was 4.25 million votes in the 2018 gubernatorial election. 

Go Green, Go Blue, Go Vote!

MLCV’s Bentley Johnson handing out pizza as U of M students wait in line to register to vote in Ann Arbor on Election Day!

Both Michigan State University and University of Michigan college students waited in line for hours on Election Day to register to cast their ballots. Michigan LCV’s Bentley Johnson, encouraged students to stay in line by handing out pizza. 

Students wait in line at the Ann Arbor City Clerk’s office to register to vote on Election Day.

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