Clean Water, Healthy Climate


All communities deserve clean air, safe drinking water and a future free from pollution.

Governor Whitmer has a plan for Clean Water and a Healthy Climate

We know the impacts climate change is having on our communities, from historic flooding to record high lake levels and toxic algae. Climate change is not tomorrow’s problem. It’s here now.

And we know that our water infrastructure is outdated, and many communities are still grappling with toxic contamination and lack of access to clean, safe and affordable drinking water.

Gov. Whitmer is taking action to tackle these challenges. She is taking bold action to make Michigan a leader on protecting our water and taking action on climate change.

In September 2020, Governor Whitmer established the Michigan Council on Climate Solutions, an advisory body made up of 14 Michiganders, to advise the Governor’s office and the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) on the implementation of climate and energy solutions to tackle the climate crisis.

On January 14, EGLE released the draft MI Healthy Climate Plan, Michigan’s number one tool that will drive our state’s transition toward clean, affordable energy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Before the final recommendations are sent to the governor in March, we have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggest changes to the plan. The Council on Climate Solutions will be accepting feedback in person January 26 and February 8, as well as written feedback through February 14.

We need to make this plan as strong as possible.

MI Clean Water Plan

The Michigan Clean Water Plan will create jobs and take steps to provide access to clean, safe drinking water for all Michiganders with a $500 million reinvestment in our water that will: 

  • Replace lead pipes in communities with contaminated water.
  • Help communities develop income-based water affordability programs to end water shut offs and increase accessibility.
  • Replace sewage infrastructure that is responsible for dumping billions of gallons of sewage into our rivers and lakes.

Learn more about the MI Clean Water Plan

MI Healthy Climate Plan

The MI Healthy Climate plan sets important statewide goals to address climate change and protect the health of communities in Michigan. It is the most comprehensive policy to fight the effects of climate change in Michigan’s history.

The MI Healthy Climate Plan will:

  • Put our state on a pathway to achieving economy-wide carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Achieve a 40% reduction of energy use by all existing state facilities by 2040.
  • Achieve carbon neutrality in all new state buildings and renovations by 2030.
  • Establish a Michigan climate solutions plan that will be an action plan to meet all of these outlined goals.

Learn more about the MI Healthy Climate Plan

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Michiganders are tired of waiting for action, the time is now. We must all work together to improve the quality of the waters of our State.

Gretchen Whitmer
Governor of Michigan

Since taking office, Gov. Whitmer has made it clear: Protecting our water and addressing climate change in Michigan is a top priority.

These bold policies will set our state on a pathway toward cleaner, more affordable water and a healthier future for our kids and grandkids.
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