Conservation, environmental leaders lay out policy priorities for Whitmer administration

Conservation, environmental leaders lay out policy priorities for Whitmer administration

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 Conservation, environmental leaders lay out policy priorities for Whitmer administration

Environmental Roadmap to help guide new administration on environmental, conservation policy

LANSING – The Michigan League of Conservation Voters and Michigan Environmental Council today unveiled the environmental community’s 2019-2022 Environmental Roadmap, a comprehensive plan that identifies policy recommendations for the Whitmer administration to help address the most pressing issues facing Michigan’s air, natural resources, Great Lakes and drinking water.

“On Nov. 6, the people of Michigan took their priorities to the ballot box and voted for leaders who will address our state’s drinking water crises, protect our Great Lakes, combat climate change and position our state to be a leader in clean energy,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.

“The Environmental Roadmap offers clear policy recommendations and actions for the administration and state Legislature to take in the first 100 days and beyond to ensure all Michiganders have safe drinking water and clean air,” said James Clift, policy director at Michigan Environmental Council.

More than 20 organizations from across the state contributed to the plan, making it a collective set of recommendations from organizations working on the ground to protect our air, land and water. A central focus is addressing toxic PFAS contamination, water affordability and inhumane water shutoffs.

“When it comes to our water, all Michiganders deserve a seat at the decision-making table,” said Monica Lewis-Patrick, president and CEO of We the People of Detroit. “We urge the new administration to refocus our state government to serve, inform and partner with residents in finding solutions to the challenges facing our water.”

Another focus of the recommendations is taking action on climate change, which impacts a multitude of Michigan industries and businesses. The Roadmap encourages the administration and Legislature to combat climate change by continuing Michigan’s transition toward clean energy and supporting the rapid retirement of aging coal-fired power plants. Expanding access to renewable energy, like rooftop solar, will also help boost Michigan’s clean energy sector, creating jobs and driving investment.

“Michigan has already taken bold steps to advance clean energy and reduce our reliance on dirty, inefficient energy sources of the past, but we can still do better,” said Bali Kumar, chief executive officer at Lean & Green Michigan. “We urge the new administration to commit to meeting the goals laid out in the Paris Climate Agreement, and outline clear steps that will ensure all sectors of Michigan’s economy can transition away from fossil fuels entirely by 2050.”

Public lands play a rich role in the lives of Michiganders and power the state’s robust recreation and tourism economies. Public lands and waterways are key drivers of the Great Lakes region’s $6 billion outdoor recreation industry. Protecting public lands and our natural resources are key priorities laid out in the Roadmap. The Roadmap also calls on the new administration to follow through on campaign promises to shut down the damaged Line 5 pipeline and withdraw Michigan from the last-minute deal struck to build a tunnel to replace Line 5.

“Our state’s public lands, Great Lakes and waterways are part of our way of life and draw millions of visitors to our state every year, powering our state’s robust recreation and tourism industries,” said Drew YoungeDyke, senior communications coordinator at theNational Wildlife Federation. “We urge the administration to deepen our investments in public lands and take bold action to protect our Great Lakes from invasive species and an oil disaster.”

To view the full 2019-2022 Environmental Roadmap, visit this link.


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