February 8th, 2022

AG Nessel secured a win for southwest Detroiters this February by winning a lawsuit against a duty-free gas station near the Ambassador Bridge that sought to ignore important Clean Air Act air quality standards that help reduce dangerous, localized air pollution. 

In 2018, Ammex Inc. sued Michigan’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (the agency responsible for regulating gas stations) so that the company could avoid regulations that require all gas stations in southeast Michigan to sell low vapor fuel during the summer months. Air pollution in southeast Michigan is generally worst during the summer months due to high ozone levels, and fuel vaporizes into ozone at a faster rate during the summer.

By successfully defeating Ammex’s lawsuit, AG Nessel ensured one of the largest gas stations in Detroit will be held accountable for releasing dangerous air pollution into vulnerable communities, which have a higher risk of air pollution-caused health problems, including asthma.