February 18th, 2021

AG Nessel joined two rate cases overseeing Michigan’s major utility companies (Consumers Energy and DTE) to advocate for Michigan ratepayers, whose energy bills are some of the fastest growing, and most expensive, in the country. 

Continuing her advocacy efforts on the Consumers Rate Case, which was decided in December of 2020 and which resulted in a $90 million total increase in Consumers’ rates, AG Nessel joined multiple environmental organizations in asking that the Michigan Public Service Commission reconsider their denial of a key, low-income ratepayer assistance program which would help thousands of Michiganders save money on their energy bills and avoid utility shutoffs. While the coalition’s petition was ultimately denied, AG Nessel’s advocacy on behalf of Consumers Energy ratepayers in 2020 saved Michiganders over $100 million in increased fees. 

Similarly, AG Nessel’s office recently intervened in DTE Energy’s 2021 Gas Rate Case. In the case, which is currently pending before the Michigan Public Service Commission, DTE requests a $195 million (or 11%) increase in rates across all customer classes. In DTE’s last gas rate case, the Attorney General’s involvement helped save Michigan customers over $93 million by advocating for more reasonable fee increases.

Across her time as Attorney General, Nessel has helped Michigan ratepayers save over $1 billion through her advocacy efforts at the MPSC.