March 15th, 2022

After more than a year of negotiations, AG Nessel and the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) announced a settlement with the Arbor Hills Landfill in Salem Twp. AG Nessel’s lawsuit was initiated in October 2020 after it was revealed the landfill operators failed to comply with state and federal regulations regarding methane gas emissions and water pollution.

The $2.3 million settlement includes requirements to resolve the issues at the landfill. Under the agreement, Arbor Hill Landfill must install monitors to detect methane gas emissions, identify and reduce the source of the emissions, implement remediation measures to minimize groundwater contamination, and conduct regular testing of the site for continued compliance. Also included in the settlement are provisions to operate a free hazardous waste disposal site for ten years and the planting of trees in the area to reduce odor. By brokering this settlement agreement, AG Nessel has ensured Salem Twp. residents will no longer be subject to harmful air and groundwater pollution which could pose a serious hazard to public health.