October 17th, 2019

On Oct. 17, 2019 Governor Whitmer joined with the Michigan Public Service Commission to announce a new MI Power Grid Initiative, designed to help Michiganders navigate the rapidly changing world of energy generation, especially as we transition from old, dirty fuel sources to new clean and renewable energy. MI Power Grid will serve as a source of credible information to educate energy consumers on the renewable energy sources available to them, as well as encourage utility companies to focus on smaller, more decentralized forms of energy production like wind and solar. The initiative has three main emphases: 

  1. Customer engagement 
  2. Integrating emerging technologies 
  3. Optimizing grid performance and investment 

MI Power Grid will build off of Michigan’s 2016 energy laws, and MLCV applauds Gov. Whitmer and the Michigan Public Service Commission working together to increase access to affordable, clean energy and educate ratepayers about the clean energy opportunities available to them.