July 30th, 2019

On July 30, 2019 Attorney General Nessel joined 20 other Attorneys General in sending a letter to Congress urging them to pass legislation to address PFAS contamination. The letter calls on Congress to provide funding for state level remediation programs, and lists other action suggestions based on firsthand knowledge collected in affected states. Other actions include designating certain PFAS chemicals as “hazardous substances” under the federal Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (which would help address our ‘orphan site’ problem), adding the entire class of PFAS chemicals to the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory, providing funding for remediation of PFAS-contaminated drinking water supplies, prohibiting the use and storage of firefighting foam containing PFAS at military bases and other federal facilities, and finally providing medical screening of PFAS exposure. We appreciate this move by AG Nessel to build congressional awareness  and action on this issue.