June 27th, 2019

On June 27, 2019 Governor Whitmer directed Michigan’s DNR to complete a thorough examination of Enbridge’s compliance with the 1953 easement that allows them to operate in the Straits. We appreciate the objectives and intent behind this action, but so far have no new information indicating that Governor Whitmer is closer to taking legal action to shut down Line 5.  We support a robust easement review, and are eager to learn its conclusions. Regardless, Line 5 ‘spills every day’ when the fossil fuels passing through it are finally combusted. In addition to the air and water pollution this combustion generates, overwhelming scientific consensus unequivocally demands that we move away from fossil fuels in the very near term to mitigate the most devastating impacts from climate change that Michiganders are already beginning to experience every day.  Moving the line through a tunnel will unnecessarily lock Michigan into another generation of fossil fuels burdening the economy with a massively expensive stranded asset.  

On May 15 the governor called on the Coast Guard and ordered the DNR to prepare and file an emergency rule to require large vessels to verify no anchors are dragging prior to passing through the Straits