June 20th, 2019

On June 20, 2019 Governor Whitmer issued an Executive Directive guiding the state in implementation of the additional steps necessary to meet the Michigan Direct Action Plan (DAP) goals of reducing phosphorus in Lake Erie 40% by 2025. Adopted in February of 2018, the MI DAP includes two objectives to improve the health of Lake Erie: 1) fulfilling commitments under the Western Lake Erie Basin Collaborative Agreement and 2) meeting the targeted phosphorus reductions and nutrient-related ecosystem goals for Lake Erie under Annex 4 of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Governor Whitmer’s Executive Directive confirms those objectives and recommends new interim goals. The DAP’s goals include reducing total annual and spring phosphorus loads in the Detroit River, River Raisin and Maumee River, and calls for an annual report to the Governor’s office from MDARD, EGLE and the MDNR on their progress. The directive serves as a public statement that the Whitmer Administration intends to get serious about reducing nutrient runoff.  The proof will be in the implementation and future actions.