August 24th, 2020

AG Nessel has filed two lawsuits against PFAS manufacturers – one against producers of generic PFAS-containing substances, and one against producers of PFAS used specifically in firefighting foams. The lawsuits allege that chemical manufacturing companies recklessly produced, distributed, transported, supplied, and arranged for the disposal of PFAS chemicals. The complaints contend that companies should have known that PFAS persist in the environment, do not degrade, accumulate in animals and humans, are carcinogenic, inevitably lead to contamination of the environment, and put the public health at risk. Furthermore, the lawsuits allege that the chemical companies did know these facts and yet continued to disguise the risk posed by PFAS-containing products, allowing for their use across the state and the globe. As such, the AG seeks damages that would not only force polluting companies to pay for PFAS contamination clean up, but would also provide funding mechanisms for future PFAS awareness education campaigns.

Michigan LCV applauds the joint filing, agreeing with the AG that PFAS pose a severe public health risk to Michigan residents. Already, Michigan has over 190 confirmed PFAS contamination sites in the State, including several that have impacted drinking water sources. Lawsuits like these ensure that polluting companies, not Michigan taxpayers, will be held accountable for environmental contamination and cleanup, and also protect the integrity of our drinking water.