November 7th, 2023

Weight 1

Governor Whitmer recently signed three voting rights bills (HB 4567-4568 and SB 470) focused on allowing transportation to polls, updating rules regarding automatically challenged ballots, and extending the return date of absentee ballots for uniformed service members. This is in addition to the Proposal 2 bills passed by the legislature earlier this year. 

House bill 4567 will remove rules that automatically challenge certain ballots, while House bill 4568 will finally allow for paid transportation to the polls for voters, and Senate bill 470 will allow additional time for the return of absentee ballots for uniformed service members.  These bills continue to expand voting accessibility in Michigan for those who would otherwise be burdened to find transportation or risk not having their ballot counted despite being an active service member. Additionally, it eliminates the rule that automatically challenges voter ballots when registering within 2 weeks of election day who do not register using a state identification card, for example, a college ID. 

This decision was given a positive weighted score of 1 out of 4 because of these bills impacts on voting access.