November 25th, 2019

On November 25th, 2019 a highly controversial proposal to dredge a 23-mile-long stretch of the Grand River was scrapped by the Michigan DNR. The dredging project would have churned up toxins, caused habitat damage in Michigan’s largest river and sent dredged material and eroded sediment flowing downstream.  The project was cast as an economic boon to the area by it’s sponsors – which included local developers, but communities along the river banks overwhelmingly opposed the project – with many registering their opposition through formal resolution.  The DNR’s decision to shut down the project is a definitive win for our environment.  Michigan LCV was impressed by the sustained dissent from West Michigan residents and advocates who quickly mobilized to defeat the project.  The legislature had previously appropriated initial funding for the project during the Snyder Administration with little transparency and no public debate.