Stories From the Field: Energy Savings Now!

How Michiganders are winning with the Inflation Reduction Act

President Biden’s Affordable Clean Energy Plan — made possible by the 2022 landmark Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) — is the single-most significant federal investment to address climate change in our nation’s history. People across the country are taking advantage of new federal funding to weatherize and upgrade their homes to save money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint — including many right here in Michigan!

Michigan LCV launched our Energy Savings Now! campaign to educate and engage Michiganders on all of the federal funds available for Michiganders. We are going door-to-door in Ingham, Washtenaw, and Oakland Counties and speaking with thousands of Michiganders eligible for savings opportunities through the IRA and the Biden-Harris Administration’s Clean Energy Plan.

Check out stories from Michiganders who are taking advantage of federal funding to save money on their energy bills.

Watch Dale’s Story

When Dale Romsos, 10-year volunteer and facility manager at East Lansing’s University Lutheran Church, first looked into changing the church’s lightbulbs to LEDs, he had no clue that he’d eventually be helping the church cut their energy bills by 80%. Watch more to find out how Dale did it.

Watch Thasin’s Story

“We are motivated by faith to care for our environment. We’re taught not to squander resources,” says Thasin Sardar, Islamic Center of East Lansing board of trustees member. Watch to learn more about how the Islamic Center came to install 64 solar panels and two arrays — providing 12% of their electricity needs from clean energy.

How Bentley Johnson Upgraded His Home To Save Money On Energy Bills

Federal Government Affairs Director Bentley Johnson transformed his home to tackle soaring energy bills and address climate concerns, leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act for a sustainable, cost-effective upgrade. Discover how Bentley’s home energy-efficient improvements saved money, lowered costs, and created a more comfortable, sustainable living space for his family.

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Meet Michiganders Taking Action

Chris W.

Chris switched his primary source of power to solar power to address climate change and reduce his personal reliance on burning of fossil fuels.

His house maintained power during a recent power outage — while everyone else in the neighborhood lost power. Maintaining power during outages is important for his disabled wife.

Jalissa H.

With a family of four, Jalissa is always looking for ways to save money. She recently gotten a new A/C unit, water heater, and furnace and is excited to look into a home assessment. She thinks there are so many people who could benefit from these types of programs.


Ronald is a veteran who is raising his granddaughter and says money is tight. He’s excited to take advantage of federal funds to save money on his monthly energy bill.

Allison & Aristarque

Allison and Aristarque are excited to learn that they can save some money and possibly get compensation for the water heater they’re about to get!

Allison states that their house was built to be energy efficient and with all the new upgrades available now, they’re able to enforce that even more.

Lexi Q.

Lexi lives right next to a four lane boulevard, with cars going back and forth day and night. The noise and air pollution from the cars and construction in the area have made it hard to breathe and set up activities like bonfires.

Lexi cares deeply about the environment; she was excited about potentially getting new windows and reducing her energy bill. She is also looking into getting solar panels installed.

David C.

“I have been a medical pilot for a few years so I would say my personal carbon footprint is pretty large due to my career. With that in mind I am always looking for the best options to reduce my carbon footprint at home because I want my kids to be able to enjoy their lives without the worry of climate change. I have made all the possible upgrades, but have not explored any tax rebates yet. I am looking forward to learning more about the compensation I may be able to receive for it as well.”

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Curious about how 2022’s Inflation Reduction Act could help you cut your fossil fuel use and save you money on your energy bills? Ready to schedule your own home energy assessment? Looking for additional resources? Read up on all of this and more on our ‘Energy Savings Now’ page.

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