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Key Information

House Bill 4465 would reinstate the property tax exemption for alternative energy systems (AES) that was in effect from 2002 until to 2012. This bill would ensure that AES’s would be exempt from personal property tax as long as they offset all or a portion of the energy use on the property they are installed, and if the combined true cash value of all exempt property is below $80,000. House Bill 4069 would exclude residential solar panels from being considered as true cash value under real property tax during an assessment. These proposals would simplify the current local government patchwork system around taxation of distributed energy systems and will mitigate confusion. This is especially critical for residential customers, many of whom without this legislation, would have a significant disincentive to invest in renewable energy systems.

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36 Pro-Environment
0 Anti-Environment
2 N/A
See How Your Lawmaker Voted
Name Party Affiliation Chamber District Lifetime Score Pro/Anti Environment
Kevin Daley REPUBLICAN Senate 26 33%
Rosemary Bayer DEMOCRATIC Senate 13 100%
Dayna Polehanki DEMOCRATIC Senate 5 96%
Rick Outman REPUBLICAN Senate 33 50%
Aric Nesbitt REPUBLICAN Senate 20 38%
Mallory McMorrow DEMOCRATIC Senate 8 100%
Ed McBroom REPUBLICAN Senate 38 33%
Betty Jean Alexander DEMOCRATIC Senate 5 100%
Sean McCann DEMOCRATIC Senate 19 96%
Jon Bumstead REPUBLICAN Senate 32 25%
Jeff Irwin DEMOCRATIC Senate 15 100%
Michael MacDonald REPUBLICAN Senate 10 58%
Paul Wojno DEMOCRATIC Senate 10 100%
Marshall Bullock DEMOCRATIC Senate 4 100%
Ruth Johnson REPUBLICAN Senate 24 33%
Lana Theis REPUBLICAN Senate 22 25%
Curt VanderWall REPUBLICAN House 102 34% excused
Adam Hollier DEMOCRATIC Senate 2 96%
Roger Victory REPUBLICAN Senate 31 33%
Sylvia Santana DEMOCRATIC Senate 2 100%
Jim Runestad REPUBLICAN Senate 23 25%
Kim LaSata REPUBLICAN Senate 21 38%
Jeremy Moss DEMOCRATIC Senate 7 100%
Dan Lauwers REPUBLICAN Senate 25 28%
Erika Geiss DEMOCRATIC Senate 1 100%
Winnie Brinks DEMOCRATIC Senate 29 100%
John Bizon REPUBLICAN House 19 48%
Tom Barrett REPUBLICAN Senate 24 32%
Pete Lucido REPUBLICAN Senate 8 38%
Dale Zorn REPUBLICAN House 34 43%
Jim Stamas REPUBLICAN Senate 36 43%
Mike Shirkey REPUBLICAN Senate 16 45%
Wayne A Schmidt REPUBLICAN Senate 37 48%
Stephanie Chang DEMOCRATIC Senate 3 100% excused
Curtis Hertel Jr. DEMOCRATIC Senate 23 100%
Ken Horn REPUBLICAN Senate 32 36%
Peter MacGregor REPUBLICAN Senate 28 44%
Jim Ananich DEMOCRATIC Senate 27 100%