Michigan agencies will be left unable to fully protect its unique natural resources under MI House plan

Bill would restrict Michigan to federal minimum environmental protections and mandate that state agencies ditch proactive problem solving

LANSING – Today, the Michigan House of Representatives, approved House Bill 4205 sponsored by Rep. Triston Cole (R- Mancelona), which would prohibit state agencies from adopting or creating rules that are more strict than parallel federal standards, unless the state can demonstrate there is a “clear and convincing” need” to justify a more stringent rule. This is the latest version of a bill that Governor Snyder vetoed in 2011 and that cleared the House last session, but died in the Senate. The bill was approved by a vote of 57 to 50.

Michigan League of Conservation Voters government affairs director, Charlotte Jameson released the following statement in response:

It is deeply concerning that state representatives are ignoring the needs of Michigan’s unique natural resources by leaving their protection to minimum federal standards,” said Charlotte Jameson, government affairs director. “Time and again Michigan has needed to go above and beyond to protect our Great Lakes and natural resources, which are central to our economy and way of life. We should not hamstring our state government from putting in place common sense safeguards for the health of our communities.”

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