Michigan groups applaud Gov. Whitmer for signing new law to grow solar projects, jobs

Michigan groups applaud Gov. Whitmer for signing new law to grow solar projects, jobs

New law removes ambiguity, provides greater certainty as more communities turn to solar projects

LANSING, Michigan –A bipartisan plan to support local communities and encourage more solar projects in the state was applauded by a variety of groups as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed bills into law today. 

“More solar power translates to more opportunity for Michigan businesses and families to save on electricity costs, become more energy independent and reduce our reliance on fossil fuel,” said Emily Pallarito, Program Director of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum. “By opening the door to more solar power, Michigan can be a leader in this important field and help drive down costs for ratepayers.”

The new law allows local communities to choose to opt-in to a new taxation system for solar projects greater than 2 MW in capacity. Instead of paying ad valorem property taxes, companies and utilities with solar projects would provide consistent payments to Michigan communities in lieu of taxes. 

“Local clean energy and energy efficiency projects help families and small businesses lower costs and reduce pollution – all while creating good-paying jobs. Thanks to this legislation, more Michiganders will be able to take advantage of these clean energy projects and local communities will be provided a stable source of revenue,” said Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. “We applaud the governor and members of the Legislature for helping lower energy costs and making clean energy more accessible for all. Now it’s time for the Legislature to pass 100% clean energy legislation to continue Michigan’s clean energy boom and take action on climate change.”

The new law modernizes an outdated system that created planning barriers for developers and sometimes mired projects in legal action, holding up necessary tax payments that support local emergency services, public libraries, roads, waste management, and other critical local services. With more financial certainty and predictability, local communities can better plan long-term investments in these critical services.

“This new law opens doors for communities across the state to embrace clean energy and invest in solar power that will generate jobs and decrease energy costs,” said Courtney Bourgoin, Evergreen Action Midwest Senior Policy and Advocacy Manager. “The solar projects that will come from this legislation will strengthen Michigan’s growing clean energy economy and provide new revenue for local infrastructure and services. We applaud the governor for signing this bill into law and look forward to even more progress when the legislature returns later this year.”

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