Michigan LCV Announces Endorsements for Candidates in State Legislative Primary Races

ANN ARBOR — The Michigan League of Conservation Voters issued endorsements for 21 candidates running in primaries for the Michigan House of Representatives today. Michigan LCV is the leading non-­partisan political voice for Michigan’s land, air and water, and endorses candidates for office who will make the protection of our natural resources a priority in the state Legislature.

“Our elected officials take the needs and concerns of their constituents to Lansing with them, so it is our duty to make sure those we endorse will put the health of our communities and our natural resources at the top of their list,” said Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director of Michigan LCV. “Michigan LCV will be working hard to elect leaders who understand what is at stake and will fight to protect our land, air and water.”

Michigan LCV endorsed the following incumbent candidates in their primaries: Reps. Brian Banks (D-­Detroit), Stephanie Chang (D-­Detroit), LaTanya Garrett (D-­Detroit), Leslie Love (D-­Detroit), Erika Geiss (D-­Taylor), Frank Liberati (D­-Allen Park), John Chirkun (D­-Roseville), Henry Yanez (D-­Sterling Heights), Martin Howrylak (R-­Troy), Tom Cochran (D-­Mason), Andy Schor (D-­Lansing), Mary Whiteford (R-­Casco Twp.), Larry Inman (R­-Williamsburg) and John Kivela (D-­Marquette).

Michigan LCV endorsed the following first­time candidates in their primaries: Abdullah Hammoud (Democrat, 15th House District), Kevin Hertel (Democrat, 18th House District), Bill Sowerby (Democrat, 31st House District), Yousef Rabhi (Democrat, 53rd House District), Ryan Arnt (Republican, 79th House District), Sean Mullaly (Democrat, 92nd House District) and Scott VanSingel (Republican, 100th House District).

“These 21 candidates have shown a commitment to protect the state we live in, and we’re going to fight to ensure that their names will be on the ballot for November’s election,” said Jack Schmitt, Deputy Director of Michigan LCV. “Michigan cannot succeed as a state without the efforts of elected officials at all levels to tackle the many threats facing our natural resources — from insecure drinking water to chronic air pollution to attacks on our state parks, Michiganders deserve much better.”

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