Michigan LCV announces second round of endorsements for November election

Michigan LCV announces second round of endorsements for November election

Lansing, MI — The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (Michigan LCV) today announced its second round of endorsements for candidates running for the Michigan House of Representatives, Michigan State Senate, and the Oakland County Commission. 

“Electing leaders that will prioritize clean, safe affordable drinking water, a healthy climate, and fair access to the ballot is crucial,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director for Michigan LCV. “We are proud to endorse candidates that will be environmental stewards and protect our democracy.” 

Endorsements in round two are awarded to candidates who demonstrate a strong commitment to protecting the health of Michigan’s communities and democracy, which includes, but is not limited to: cleaning up toxic contamination in water, addressing the climate crisis, protecting our natural resources, tackling inequities in communities disproportionately affected by air quality issues and access to clean water, and supporting policies that ensure fair and equal access to the ballot.

Round two endorsements were decided through a thorough vetting process that included completion of a questionnaire and an in-person interview. Additional rounds of endorsements will continue in 2022. 

Michigan LCV endorsed the following candidates in round two: 


State House

  • Tyrone Carter: HD 1 (D-Detroit)
  • Richard Steenland: HD 12 (D-Roseville)
  • Stephanie Young: HD 16 (D-Detroit)
  • Samantha Steckloff: HD 19 (D-Farmington Hills)
  • Kevin Coleman: HD 25 (D-Westland)
  • Jaime Churches: HD 27 (D-Woodhaven)
  • Rob Kull: HD 28 (D-Newport)
  • Alex Garza: HD 29 (D-Taylor)
  • Reggie Miller: HD 31 (D-Van Buren Twp)
  • Jennifer Conlin: HD 48 (D-Ann Arbor)
  • Brenda Carter: HD 53 (D-Pontiac)
  • Aisha Farooqi: HD 57 (D-Sterling Heights)
  • Nate Shannon: HD 58 (D-Sterling Heights)
  • Denise Mentzer: HD 61 (D-Mt. Clemens)
  • Cynthia Neeley: HD 70 (D-Flint)
  • Carol Glanville: HD 84 (D-Walker)
  • Amos O’Neal: HD 94 (D-Saginaw)
  • Jennifer Hill: HD 109 (D-Marquette)


State Senate

  • Darrin Camilleri: SD 4 (D-Brownstown)
  • Dayna Polehanki: SD 5 (D-Livonia)
  • Mallory McMorrow: SD 8 (D-Royal Oak)
  • Paul Wojno: SD 10 (D-Warren)
  • Veronica Klinefelt: SD 11 (D-Eastpointe)
  • Kevin Hertel: SD 12 (D-St. Clair Shores)
  • Kristen McDonald Rivet: SD 35 (D-Bay City)


Oakland County Board of Commissioners

  • Dave Woodward
  • Penny Luebs
  • Gary McGillivray
  • Brendan Johnson
  • Angela Powell
  • Kristen Nelson
  • Marcia Gershenson
  • Ajay Raman
  • Gwen Markham
  • William Miller
  • Yolanda Smith Charles
  • Janet Jackson
  • Charlie Cavell


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