Michigan LCV endorses Sam Bagenstos, Megan Cavanagh for Supreme Court

Michigan LCV endorses Sam Bagenstos, Megan Cavanagh for Supreme Court

Ann Arbor, MI – The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (Michigan LCV) today announced formal endorsements of Sam Bagenstos and Megan Cavanagh running for election to the Michigan Supreme Court.   

“Article 4 of Michigan’s Constitution declares the natural resources of the state to be of ‘paramount public concern’ to the ‘health, safety, and general welfare of the people’ of Michigan,”  said Lisa Wozniak, executive director of Michigan LCV.  “The stakes for our air, land, and water are incredibly high this November, and we need judges in the Michigan Supreme Court that will rule in accordance with the Constitution and the laws that protect our natural resources.”

Sam Bagenstos and Megan Cavanagh are deeply experienced candidates that have a history of standing up for Michiganders and their communities.  They have worked for a justice system that preserves, promotes and protects the rights of all litigants and citizens on a fair and unbiased basis.  

“The stellar professionalism of these two individuals, reflected throughout their careers, will make them great additions to our highest court. Significant conservation issues affecting the unique and treasured natural resources of Michigan may well be determined by Michigan’s highest court in the next few years,” said Bruce Wallace of the Michigan league of conservation voters Board of Directors, and a 40 year trial and appellate attorney in the Michigan court.  “As a day to day practitioner in Michigan’s courts, I am confident that the election of Megan Cavanagh and Sam Bagenstos to the Michigan Supreme Court will ensure intelligent, fair, and principled review of the difficult environmental issues that the Supreme Court can be expected to review during their tenure.”

Virtually all of the major environmental issues that currently affect Michigan are likely to be — or have already been — the subject of litigation in the state courts.  It is Michigan LCV’s belief that the environmental community has a responsibility to review and recommend candidates that will uphold the laws that protect Michigan’s environment in statute and the state Constitution.  

Michigan LCV also announced endorsements for the following state House and Senate candidates: Joseph Tate (D) HD 2, John Cherry (D) HD 49, David Lossing (D) HD 51, Adam Hollier (D) SD 2, Poppy Sias-Hernandez (D) SD 34, Kelly Breen (D) HD 38

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