Michigan LCV, MEC herald Energy Freedom legislation

Michigan LCV, MEC herald Energy Freedom legislation

LANSING – The Michigan League of Conservation Voters and Michigan Environmental Council today issued the following joint statement in support of the recently introduced Energy Freedom bills, bipartisan legislation that would remove barriers for residents and businesses seeking to generate clean energy.

“The Energy Freedom package is commonsense legislation that will help Michiganders invest in their own clean energy, lower their electric bills and reduce dangerous pollution in our air and water,” said Nick Occhipinti, government affairs director for Michigan LCV. “We encourage lawmakers to support this important, bipartisan legislation to give all Michigan residents and businesses more opportunities to generate clean, renewable energy.”

The Energy Freedom package is a five bill package that would increase access to net metering, ensure fair compensation for small and large scale renewable energy systems, create a framework for community renewable energy gardens and allow for microgrids so renewable energy can be used during power outages.

“As demand for clean energy continues to rise, this legislation removes barriers for Michigan families and businesses that want to save money on energy bills and generate their own clean energy,” said James Clift, policy director for the Michigan Environmental Council. “The Energy Freedom package ensures that anyone who wants to promote cleaner air or save on energy costs with their own renewable energy is able to do so without being encumbered by unnecessary restrictions and costs.”


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