Michigan LCV, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter launch initiative to elect environmental champions in Oakland County

Michigan LCV, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter launch initiative to elect environmental champions in Oakland County

Lansing, MI – The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (Michigan LCV) and Sierra Club Michigan Chapter today announced the Vote Oakland County Green Initiative, a new unified campaign to elect environmental champions running for the Michigan State House of Representatives, Oakland County Commission and Oakland County Executive.

“It’s never been more important to have dedicated leaders who will put the health and safety of our residents first,” said Londell Thomas, political and outreach director for Michigan LCV. “Action on climate change and protecting our water must be an all-hands-on-deck effort, and that means increasing engagement and pushing for real solutions at the county level.”

Vote Oakland County Green is an accountability and direct voter contact campaign in targeted races, which include door to door canvassing, member outreach, phone-banking and digital engagement, that supports candidates that have declared their support for the following pro-conservation policies:

  • The creation of a sustainability office and climate resilience plan with a net-zero carbon goal for 2050
  • Expansion of public transit, bike and electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Programs specifically working to increase low-income access to clean energy and energy efficiency, replacement of lead service lines and other pollution remediation
  • Action to preserve and expand democratic engagement, and
  • A call for the county to advocate for environmental priorities at a state level

“The climate crisis is not tomorrow’s problem. It’s here right now, and we must take immediate action at all levels of government to protect our air, land, water and public health for future generations,” said Tim Minotas, legislative and political coordinator for Sierra Club Michigan Chapter. “These Oakland County candidates will fight to reduce air pollution and protect our drinking water at both the local and state levels, and we are looking forward to electing these pro-conservation champions for the 2020 election cycle.”

The candidates supported by the initiative include:

Michigan State House

Brenda Carter HD (29)

Kelly Breen HD (38)

Julia Pulver HD (39)

Padma Kuppa HD (41)

Barb Anness HD (45)

Oakland County Commission

Kristen Nelson, District 5

Gwen Markham, District 9

Angela Powell, District 10

Kelly Dillaha, District 12

Penny Luebs, District 16

Dr. Melanie Hartman, District 15

Oakland County Executive

Dave Coulter (D)

For a full listing of Michigan LCV and Sierra Club – Michigan Chapter’s endorsed candidates visit and

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