Michigan LCV: Whitmer PFAS announcement a key step in  addressing water contamination

Michigan LCV: Whitmer PFAS announcement a key step in addressing water contamination

LANSING – The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (Michigan LCV) today issued the following statement in response to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s announcement to review health-based standards for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and expedite a rulemaking request for a maximum contaminant level (MCL) for the ‘forever chemicals.’

“People across this state have been calling for action on toxic contamination in our drinking water, and today the Governor responded with important steps to protect our water and public health,” said Bob Allison, deputy director of Michigan League of Conservation Voters. “This is not a partisan issue and we know legislative leaders are committed to standing together to address this threat to Michigan’s way of life and our economy.”

With an estimated 1.9 million Michigan residents drinking PFAS-contaminated water, this crisis requires urgent action that builds upon statewide testing and works quickly to shield our communities from harmful health risks.  It’s crucial that this administration continues to move quickly and efficiently to provide the people of this state safe drinking water.

“I commend Governor Whitmer for directing swift action to protect our drinking water, our children and our families,” said Tony Spaniola, an attorney and member of Need Our Water (NOW) in Oscoda. “We look forward to a stakeholder process that includes robust participation from communities whose water has been contaminated, as well as the citizens who have been directly impacted.”


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Contact: Nick Dodge, Byrum & Fisk Advocacy Communications, (517) 333-1606

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