Michigan League of Conservation Voters announce first round of endorsements for 2020 elections

Michigan League of Conservation Voters announce first round of endorsements for 2020 elections

Lansing, MI – The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (Michigan LCV) today announced the first round of endorsements for 36 candidates running for office in the Michigan House of Representatives. 

“Michigan needs strong leaders in Lansing who are committed to protecting our drinking water, cleaning up the Great Lakes and putting public health first by tackling air pollution that is choking our planet,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director of Michigan LCV. “As we grapple with the economic fallout from coronavirus, important environmental protections are coming under increasing attack, and we need lawmakers who will prioritize our health and the safety of our families.” 

Michigan LCV endorsements are awarded to candidates who demonstrate a strong commitment to protecting the health of Michigan’s communities, which includes but is not limited to: preserving our natural resources, cleaning up toxic contamination in our water, tackling climate change and addressing inequities in our communities around air quality and access to clean water. 

Endorsements are decided through a thorough vetting process that includes completion of a questionnaire and an in-person interview.

Michigan LCV endorsed the following candidates in their primaries: 

Yancey (D-1) Kuppa (D-41)
Tate (D-2) Cherry (D-49)
C. A. Johnson (D-5) Sneller (D-50)
T. Carter (D-6) Lasinski (D-52)
Garza (D-12) Rabhi (D-53)
Clemente (D-14) Peterson (D-54)
Hammoud (D-15) Haadsma (D-62)
Coleman (D-16) Hope (D-67)
Hertel (D-18) Anthony (D-68)
Pohutsky (D-19) Brixie (D-69)
Koleszar (D-20) Witwer (D-71)
Camilleri (D-23) LaGrand (D-75)
Shannon (D-25) Hood (D-76)
Ellison (D-26) Howell (R-82)
Stone (D-28) Sabo (D-92)
Sowerby (D-31) VanSingel (R-100)
Bolden (D-35) O’Neil (D-104)
Manoogian (D-40) Allor (R-106)

“It’s more important than ever to elect people who understand the connection between toxic PFAS chemicals in our drinking water and the way it weakens our immune systems, making it easier to get coronavirus,” said Londell Thomas, political and outreach director for Michigan LCV. “We need people in Lansing who see the link between toxins being spewed into our air and the increased levels of asthma and upper respiratory illnesses that are killing people with COVID-19 at an alarming rate. These issues aren’t separate and Lansing needs leaders who will tackle them head-on.”

For a full list of Michigan LCV’s endorsements visit: 


Michigan LCV is the leading non-partisan political voice for Michigan’s land, air and water, and endorses candidates for office who will make the protection of our natural resources a priority in the State Legislature. Visit our website:

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